TNA Throws in the Towel With Latest ECW Garbage

Ian Malone@ianthomasmaloneCorrespondent IIIJuly 23, 2010

"You were supposed to bring balance to the force, not destroy it," - Star Wars Episode III

That quote pretty much sums up everything that has happened since Hogan and Bischoff took over, not to say that this recent mess is their fault.

It's pretty obvious that Dixie wants them gone, but doesn't have the brains or the guts to send them away unless Paul Heyman is a guarantee. 

If I were Paul Heyman, I wouldn't even go near the state of Florida for fear of being even remotely close to the people who are destroying the legacy of the company that he built, which changed wrestling.

No, it didn't reach the top, but ECW remains an important part of wrestling history. 

So what exactly is TNA doing? I can tell you right now what they are doing. 

They're giving up. 

PPV buy-rates are in the toilet and the company is compensating by giving away matches on TV. Not surprising given Russo and Bischoff's theory that ratings are more important than PPVs.

This could be a good idea in the beginning, but ratings aren't really going up. I don't have the recent PPV numbers on hand, but I can imagine that all these free matches on Impact are hurting the buy rates even more. 

Hardcore Justice is like putting a Band-Aid on the hole where the iceberg hit the Titanic. It will literally do the company no good in the long run. Why, might you ask? 

PPV buy-rates will be up, I can pretty much guarantee it. Probably 25 people will order the PPV instead of the normal 18.

But I doubt those 18 who normally order the PPV will all buy it, maybe a couple more than seven ECW fans will order it.

This number could be skewed by the fact that a good chunk of ECW's fanbase has either moved on, or died. 

But what happens at No Surrender in September? Will we actually trust TNA to care about this PPV?

They pretty much told us not to order Destination X by advertising matches for Lockdown before it had even aired. 

I used to like Tommy Dreamer. But after watching his promo, I'm literally so disgusted that I could vomit. I'm not a WWE fanboy, but listening to him whine about how his friends were fired from WWECW one by one was appalling.

Yeah, Tommy, they were fired, they were too old, and everyone knew it. This isn't an old age home where people go to hang out.

Guys like CM Punk, The Miz, John Morrison, Jack Swagger, and Evan Bourne used that platform to gain attention that would have been given to bigger superstars on Raw or Smackdown.

Sorry that The Sandman had to go, but if he was allowed to continue, Jim Ross' famous line would be altered to "The entire world is sleeping."

Maybe Dreamer could actually be thankful that he still had a job when the rest of the out-of-shape senior citizens got cut off. I don't usually defend WWE, but this was too ridiculous not to mention.

WWE gives you what will probably be your last world title and this is how you repay them, Tommy?  

Jerry Lynn vs. RVD might be serviceable if it actually happens. But that's about it. 

ECW One Night Stand was a lot of fun. It was also five years ago. Do we really need another reunion when Dreamer and Team 3-D is all that's left (Rhyno doesn't count; he was barely a part of ECW)?

We know Team 3-D so the specialness is taken out of that (same applies to Raven and Stevie Richards, though I can't say I missed either one of them).

So what is this reunion? More tears from Tommy Dreamer. Honestly, how much can this man cry about a promotion that's been dead for 10 years?

It's just plain sad, not much else to say. No more reunions, go cry on Dr. Phil, man, you need help. 

We've watched TNA try and recreate the low points of WCW. I actually miss The Band since at least they were entertaining, and Scott Hall is a genuinely likable man. 

Now we've seen TNA try and recreate WWE's low points. They already recreated the Montreal Screwjob and now they're brining back ECW. What is this? Seriously I don't know. 

Why keep a roster full of talent if all you are going to do is give us this garbage? It's pathetic and I honestly can't see it as anything else other than TNA giving their company One Last Stand. That's all it is.