Stan "The Forgotten Man" Musial?

Tyler AdamsContributor IJuly 27, 2010

When you think about some of the greatest outfielders ever you think of Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, and all the other cliche greats. 

But what about Stan Musial? 

A few years ago when MLB held fan voting for the top 10 outfielders ever Stan "The Man" Musial was somehow left off. Yes, you read that right.

Left Off was what happened to the greatest St.Louis Cardinal ever on a list of fellow outfielders.

How was Stan left off you ask? 

It's very hard to believe to say the least.

For outfielders...

Only Hank Aaron had more total bases.

Only Tris Speaker and Pete Rose had more doubles.

Using Bill James' "Run Created" stat only Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds created more runs. 

In Ken Burns' Baseball Musial was briefly mentioned as having an impact on the game during the 3 decades in which he played in. Despite the fact that Musial had 3 MVP's, 24 appearances, 3 World Series rings, 3630 hits (1815 at home and 1815 on the road), 475 home runs, 725 doubles, 1951 RBI, and a .331 lifetime average. 

Musial has the numbers, he has the rings, he has the sweet swing, and he has the character to be recognized as a baseball legend outside of St.Louis but why isn't he?

He didn't play in the steroid era, he never cheated on his wife, and he was regarded as one of the nicest men in baseball during his time.

Stan never asked for publicity, but he thoroughly deserves it.

It is unfortunate that Stan is forgotten by many baseball fans, but dons the cover of Sports Illustrated for the 7th time this week, and hopefully this recognition will enable him lose his title as the "Forgotten Man."