Floyd Mayweather to Unretire for Money and Manny?

Elmer CrisostomoCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

With Manny edging out (or just barely losing to) Oscar in December and hitting the Hitman with his blinding speed and power shots next year, a potential fight to decide who really is the best boxer on the planet would make Mayweather salivate for reactivation.


Although it's too early to look forward to that would-be fight of the decade or even century, all roads seem to point in that explosive direction. It would definitely give boxing fans the biggest treat of their lives.


First, the Pacman, who has devoured the biggest names in the ring with his power, fearlessness, and, lately, finesse, proved that his vaunted fists don't just dominate in the lower weight divisions. The pride of the Philippines proved this in his annihilation of the former lightweight champ, David Diaz.


His domination erased the short-lived little doubts about his moving up. It validated that he'll most likely improve his power as he moves up to heavier divisions. So when he fights the Money Man at 140, Pacquiao will surely have enough explosives in his fists to force Floyd to be at his most defensive and avoid a slugfest.


Second, Mayweather's inactivity will shorten his edge over the current No. 1 pound-for-pound. Two years ago, the fight between them was almost a no-brainer.


But with a turn of events, the impossible becomes doable. Floyd would no longer be overwhelmingly favored in a match between the two. His more than a year absence in the ring will work in Pacquiao's favor and the Filipino will really have a chance at a mighty upset.


Third, it will be more than thrilling to see their contrasting styles at work in the ring. It is expected be one of the most watched boxing matches of all time, with the best offense facing the best defense.


Mayweather will definitely be the heavy favorite in this fight, but an upset will also be probable. The biggest mistake that Floyd could make would be to engage Pacquiao in a slugfest.


He would have to utilize as many tricks as he could to avoid a confrontation with the more powerful and faster opponent and stay away from Pacman's path. In order to reclaim his place on the pound-for-pound list, he has to fight the most intelligent battle of his career and hope that the fight would go the distance.


His concentration must exclusively be on avoiding Manny's hay-maker and filing as many points as he can. Nothing must distract him in the ring—not even the expected loud boos from the crowd of probably over 20,000.