TNA Stock Watch: Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe, ECW, Whose Stock Is Rising?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2010

The staff of Big Nasty Securities has been questioned lately as to why they do not have in-depth stock tips pertaining to the TNA roster.

Frankly, TNA's Even-Steven booking makes it more difficult to get a handle on who the company is high on and who is in the cellar. Great wins are followed by baffling losses, ref bumps are almost embarrassing in their ubiquity, and clean finishes are unfortunately at a premium.

However with the recent TNA rankings system, and some relatively consistent booking patterns lately, coupled with closer research and analysis, Big Nasty Securities believes it has finally garnered enough information to submit informed opinions on the value of individual TNA wrestlers.

You know the drill.



Just when you think it's dead which it is somebody always manages to dig up the dead body and attach puppet strings to this once proud promotion. TNA's latest get rich quick scheme, in the wake of a quickly eroding Hogan-Bischoff administration, has been to revamp pro wrestling cult favorite, Extreme Championship Wrestling, in the form of the upcoming Hardcore Justice pay-per-view.

The news means ECW originals such as Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, and Jerry Lynn will all be hired as temps, and if the any press is good press theorem applies to these wrestler which it does one has to consider this stock as slightly on the uptick.

ECW is a good short term investment into which to sink a moderate amount of funds. However, as TNA will inevitably find out, the novelty of this stock will quickly wear off, so monitor it very closely and get out at the first sign of erosion.

Jay Lethal

Fresh off of a feud with the greatest wrestler of all time, where Flair looked decent in their big showdown at Victory Road, Jay Lethal has officially received "the rocket".

Don't let a loss to big money free agent Jeff Hardy deter you from this stock, as Lethal is one of the few promising young talents that TNA is spending time making into a star. This is the type of long term stock that is destined to make its investors some serious dough, provided TNA's booking of him remains strong.

A.J. Styles

Styles flamed out to some degree following his ballyhooed title loss to Rob Van Dam after a nine month reign. In recent weeks, however, A.J. has gotten back on the winning track, with help from new BFF Kazarian, as the two continue to build towards the establishment of the Fortune (or is it Fourtune?) stable.

Styles' recent Global Title win over Rob Terry, who had received a monster push prior to his downswing, was a sure sign that TNA has not forgotten about A.J. Styles going forward, once again making it safe to invest in A.J. Inc.

Samoa Joe

TNA is slowly, but surely rebuilding Samoa Joe into the dominant force he was upon his debut with the company. With a string of very good matches as of late, as well as Joe receiving a certain degree of protection in terms of booking, Samoa Joe continues to climb up the TNA rankings and looks to be on his way to another world title shot in the near future.

Joe's recent contest with RVD on free TV was a nice preview of what could be a great feud, and now that TNA is ignoring his kidnapping storyline entirely (until October when the big reveal comes, after everybody has forgotten about it), Joe looks to have free reign to make some significant moves up the pecking order.


With his Monster persona returning after a failed and ill-advised babyface run mimicking Hulk Hogan, Abyss now has a purpose again. Abyss' rebirth has earned him a No. 1 contender title shot that TNA is sure to forget about.

Nonetheless, as long as Abyss is booked as a big, monster heel, as his easy-to-read booking instruction manual dictates, he is surely a safe investment.

Mr. Anderson

With the assholes gimmick taking off, but getting old fast, Ken Anderson has hit his stride in TNA and is quickly rising as one of the more unlikely babyfaces on the entire roster.

Should this Hardcore Justice pay-per-view really be an all-ECW event (which we don't think it will be), it will be wise to monitor Anderson's stock and see how this talent fares with absolutely no ties to ECW.

However Anderson's WWE background should be enough to assure him a top spot in TNA for quite some time.

The Motor City Machineguns

The Machineguns have been having standout matches with Beer Money Inc., although their current, yet long awaited, tag team title run has been bogged down in gimmick matches and ref bumps galore.

With the Motor City Machineguns primed for a big comeback in their best of five series, where they currently find themselves in a 0-2 hole, this stock should be ready to explode as a moderate risk investment that can translate into an abundance of revenue for investors



Orlando Jordan

Remember Orlando Jordan? He was the inferred homoerotic TNA talent designed strictly to draw shock value ratings when TNA was throwing away its hard earned cash to go on live TV?

Bottom line, no more live TV, and less of Hogan/Bischoff influence, means no more O.J. don't be a sucker like Dixie Carter, who inked Jordan to a contract extension for lord knows why. Jordan's best bet is the syndicated TNA B-Show or in greater terms, pro wrestling's D-show Xplosion. Just save your money with this stock and move on.

Rob Terry

Another pet project of the Hogan/Bischoff administration gone array, TNA's answer to Bill Goldberg was incorrect.

Terry's above mentioned title loss to A.J. Styles pretty much placed the writing on the wall. And it read, "Your push is over."

With such limited in ring acumen, Terry's only shot at being a star in TNA was a strong push through quick squash matches, thus hiding his flaws as he steadily progressed.

However, his flaws were only magnified, even in short matches, and with no more dominant win streak and/or title to his name, Rob Terry's stock is in the red and losing money fast. Take every dime you had in this stock out of it. You're better off investing in BP at this point.

The Hogan/Bischoff Administration

We've been taking pot shots at them throughout the entire shareholder's meeting, and now it's time to put them on front street.

The signings of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan made a big splash, and the ensuing announcement was perhaps the biggest announcement in TNA history.

However, after a premature venture into Monday Nights and a handful of failed booking projects, the tumultuous tandem has seen a reduced role both on television and backstage.

Eric Bischoff's uninspired, one question interview with Mike Tenay told a story that many were already beginning to suspect.

Their days are numbered.

Since the late '90s, Hulk Hogan has had a patterned history of drawing a strong amount of short term interest, before the general public returns to their relative indifference towards him. Unfortunately for Bischoff/Hogan Inc., we are in that indifference stage. What's worse is that the TNA Impact ratings have been at their highest since returning to Thursday nights with the conspicuous absence of Hogoff.


Smart investors should have pulled their funds out of this stock weeks ago.

Matt Morgan

For whatever reason, TNA continues to be hesitant to give Matt Morgan their full endorsement. For the past month or so, Matt Morgan has been mired in clean losses, and despite getting his heat back in many of these matches, this does little to nothing to help this breakout star in waiting.

Matt Morgan's stock should be placed squarely in the down, but not out category, as Morgan has too much promise, and too much of an upside to completely fail. However, investors of Matt Morgan should temper their expectations as his stock is clearly in the red.

Desmond Wolfe

How did TNA react to the overwhelming evidence of their own fans wanting to see Desmond Wolfe in the TNA title picture? Why, by cutting him off at the legs of course!

Wolfe's limited television time, punctuated by Desmond given run-in duty as he attempts to endear himself to Flair and Co., while looking like a buffoon in the process, has definitely hurt this stock.

There is a glimmer of hope that TNA will realize what a money drawing talent Desmond Wolfe Inc. can be, and Big Nasty Securities is optimistic in the long term future of this stock.

However, Desmond Wolfe's stock is in need of repair before we can give anything resembling an endorsement of this stock.

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