Paula Creamer Needs to "Pull a Harkleroad"

J Pat DyerAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

Paula Creamer needs to pull a Harkleroad.

For those of you who have been locked in a closet without Internet or television, a “Harkleroad” refers to a mediocre women’s tennis player Ashley Harkleroad, who shed her clothes for Playboy magazine.

Ashley Harkleroad is currently ranked 72nd in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Singles Rankings, but she is first in the minds of every male tennis fan who has seen her pictures.

She looks great without covering, but she is certainly no Maria Sharapova, in looks or in skill.

It was my first instinct when I saw Ashley Harkleroad’s photos. If golf wanted to keep pace with tennis in the glamour division, Anna Rawson would have to pose for a major magazine, Preferably the "Wives Pictures” section of ClubHusband.

Yes, I know Anna isn’t married, but we let single women who look like Rawson in, too. I have rethought my position.

Anna, in my opinion, beats Ashley in the looks department, but their skill level is probably pretty close to even. Both are closer to the bottom of the rankings than to the top.

So given the fact that Ashley Harkleroad posed first, Anna probably isn’t enough to make us forget about tennis.

Now take Paula Creamer (something I have dreamed of often). Paula is every bit as hot as Ashley Harkleroad. In my opinion, Creamer beats her in every category, except we haven't (at least I haven’t yet) seen Paula in all her glory.

You combine the looks with the fact that Creamer is currently ranked fourth in the world, and golf has a real chance of surpassing tennis as the sexiest sport.

All golf has to do is convince Paula Creamer to wear a short golf skirt and not a lot else on the pages of Playboy. After all, she has already been in Palm Springs Life. How much different can it be?

I am sure the old hags who run the LPGA will get right on that assignment. Remember when Natalie Gulbis posed in a bikini and they dropped their teeth? They are not exactly forward-thinking intervals.

The LPGA needs to realize if they are going to get the publicity and money tennis commands they need to be bold. They need to be daring.

They and I need Playboy pictures of Paula Creamer!

By the way, the women’s British Open golf tournament starts today.

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