Notes From The Lost Dossier: Readers Roundup/The Venom of Randy Orton

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IJuly 31, 2010

It flows within us, more rampantly than blood: the passion for pro wrestling.

For all of our troubles, the haven is present, ready and willing to make us shout in excitement and groan in agony.

It is in existence because it knows you can’t help but laugh at the silliest premise; it is aware that you cannot hold back the tears you wish to shed.

But are you aware of its control?

The tattered remains of a once great journal stood before me, the dossier that once held some of the most captivating texts was lost to the world.

I look around to find but a few desks still occupied, the once great community that ushered in an era of greatness that would now be almost improbable.


After countless hours spent on deciphering the mystery that is the Nexus, a thought jumped to the forefront of my mind: What of the riots when Sheamus was crowned champion?

Where are these people who were quick to turn their backs on the rookie Irishman yet tune in to watch RAW every week just to watch the Seven?

The riots continue; now the hot topic was the apparent waste of a once great defunct organization.

Is it the final nail in TNA’s coffin?

“And what of Paul Heyman? We’ll be back after these messages.”

I look up to see the television still switched on.

“We’re back on RNN, I’m Ryan Michael and my guest tonight is Mr. Rutherford.”

Rutherford? Why did that name sound familiar?

I search through my contacts and sure enough, I find his name at the top of my list.

Ross: “If Paul Heyman was to return to TNA, and I’m beginning to think people are really getting their hopes up because the man is damn good at what he does but he is not God, he would almost most definitely want full booking/creative control and I can’t blame him; if TNA wants him bad enough I think they will give it to him.
Heyman is one of the smartest guys I have ever seen in the wrestling business. Not from a business sense of course, but from a creative position. I recently re-watched 'The Rise and Fall of ECW' and I must say no person writing for a wrestling promotion today can develop a character and book matches like Paul Heyman. It has been 15 years since some of those storylines and they are still better than anything WWE or TNA is coming up with today.
Back then he was doing revolutionary stuff with the best talent he could get his hands on, but imagine what he could do for guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, or any of the other talent TNA has. The potential for great thing is there.
Heyman would bring to TNA 20 years of experience working behind the scenes. His 'old school methods' wouldn’t be present in TNA. I think Heyman would focus on building up TNA’s hard working original talent.
If you want proof that he can write for a 'main stream' wrestling promotion go back and watch footage of Smackdown from 2003. The show was amazing back then as Heyman made the show his interpretation of what the entire WWE should be like.
I don’t think Paul would try and turn TNA into ECW and I certainly don’t think he would try and turn it into the WWE if he had his way. I think Paul would try and turn TNA into TNA, but a better version of TNA. Or at least this is what I am hoping.”

Ryan: “You’re regarded as the top authority when it comes to ranking these athletic individuals, where would you put Randy Orton on your ‘countdowns’?”

Ross: “Er…next question.”

I turn to glance at the commissioner’s desk; it seems like all traces of his person had been erased.

When will someone step up to calm the nation down?

I change the channel to see a shoot interview. That’s different.

Devon hands me a dusty file and a newspaper; the usual top 10 lists and tweet-articles cover the front page and the opinion section keeps thinning.

Where were the thought-provoking works? The insightful opinions laced with both facts and common sense?

I look at the file and quickly open it; I have to admit despite being critical of its contents, I was curious to examine the case.

Now it seems more than anything else, everyone is talking about Randy Orton.

What's the most resilient parasite?

An idea.

I don’t understand what is it about him that makes people cheer. He doesn’t pander to the fans nor does he show a slight interest in what they want to see.

Here is a man who only cares about himself and cares about getting his way, yet he’s adored by millions of minions around the globe.

He has changed nothing about himself yet it would seem that a liking for him has just been subconsciously planted into the fans of the WWE.

If we look closely, however, Orton has defied almost every aspect of the PG-friendly organization even going on to hold the WWE championship longer than his paper-champion counterparts.

For those who spout the Austin effect as being the reason of Orton’s success, allow me to enlighten a few of you who might listen:

Austin would eventually act like a babyface and had a nemesis in the likes of Vince McMahon to propel his already rising star.

Randy has neither pandered nor will he service the crowd. From his entrance, to his in-ring movement, all but the pacing and build to the RKO have been kept intact.

That’s it. Orton hasn’t changed anything else.

That tells you a lot about what the fans want.

It doesn’t matter if Orton loses at Summerslam, if he loses at Survivor Series, or if he loses at any other pay-per-view this year.

The hype will only build; no matter how badly the creative team screws up, Orton will keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

It will only make these fans rabid with anticipation of the Viper’s next move.

Somehow, Orton’s every move has implanted a thought into the minds of the masses everywhere that they are simply one RKO away from being catapulted into another one of his reigns as WWE champion.

For Orton, inception isn’t improbable, it is his weapon.


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