Worst and Best Nicknames in Sports

BigRegAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

Alright, I can't stand it anymore and have to say something about it.  What better place then right here on the bleacher report to vent about the trend of unoriginal nicknames in sports.  So with out further adieu, here is the worst (and best, because I was having a good time looking them up) nicknames in sports, sport by sport.



A-rod, F-rod, and I-rod.  We get it, your last name is Rodriguez. 

At least come up with something somewhat creative.  This reminds me of the 80's when any Hispanic pitcher who could throw above 90 mph was automatically dubbed "Senor Smoke"


"Fat Elvis"—Lance Berkman.  Some nicknames are just dead on.

"Roller Coaster Jones"—Todd Jones.  Sadly, it looks like it has come derailed permanently—but it was so true while it lasted.

"Big Papi"—David Ortiz.  Ah, just like the father you wish you had, if only your dad didn't drink and swear all the time. 



J-Kidd, D-Wade, B-Roy, and so on.  LAZY Jerks.  This is worse then the MLB because anyone can do it.  


"Agent Zero"—Gilbert Arenas.  His nickname along with his jersey number being zero makes this a great nickname.  How exactly do referees signal a foul on him?

"Sheed"—Rasheed Wallace.  I know this breaks my rule of nicknames not being part of the players name, but being in the Palace when the crowd starts chanting it would give anyone goosebumps.  If you listen to a game on TV you will hear it also every time he touches the ball.

"The Human Victory Cigar"—Darko Milicic.  Ah, the humiliation that is Darko.



T.O and LT.  Oh my freaking word.  That is it, from now on I will only be referred to as B.R. or B-Reg (I would also like to be referred to as B-Rod, but my last name isn't Rodriguez...stupid parents.)


"The Bus"—Jerome Bettis.  Big Runningback + Yellow and Black Uniform = Great Nickname.

"T.J Whosyamama"—T.J Houshmand.... (whatever).  Alright this is my third and final time of breaking my no real name nickname, but it works so well.  Can anyone spell or pronounce this last name?  I thought not.

"The Tuna"—Bill Parcells.  It works even better now that he is a dolphin.

"The Black Hole" --Oakland Raiders fans.  I have always been a fan of this nickname for a group of fans because they back it up so well.  Now where else in sports will you find a group of fans that are so outlandish and crazy come game time.   

That is it for my list.  Feel free to add your own. 

B Rod out.  (Screw it, I kinda like the sound of it.  I am changing my last name tomorrow.)