The Reason the JETS Will Disappoint in '08

Bruce DickensonCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

One, I am a JETS nut, not another team's fan writing about why the JETS stink. Two, I hope I am proven wrong on every point I make.

All reports from JETS camp praise players like Kerry Rhodes, Kris Jenkins, and even rookie Dustin Keller.  The only negative comments I have read are about the uneventful quarterback play.  Pennington is the usual Chad and the once promising Clemens has been struggling.

The one bright spot in the depth of the position has been un-drafted free agent Brett Ratliff. 

Now I know what I am about to write will probably generate hateful comments, however I believe the quarterback competition should be extended.  If Clemens is showing little promise and we know what we have with Pennington, then let’s include the rookies. 

Many football "experts" recommend sitting a rookie quarterback, allowing them to observe and learn the game.  I remember a quote from one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, Mike Ditka said, "You what you learn how to do when you sit and watch?  You learn how to sit and watch."

Even though I know some will agree and many will disagree, it is a futile effort on my part anyway.  Tangini or Mangenius, whatever moniker you want, will not allow that to happen.  They would never start a rookie.

Unfortunately, I can see Pennington getting hurt early in the season.  Enter Kellen, who struggles for several games.  Finally we throw in Ainge or Ratliff and end the season 5 and 11.  I am not predicting, just provoking.