WWE SMACKDOWN Review: Mysterio Attacked The Undertaker?

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2010


(World Heavyweight Champion) Kane In-Ring Segment :

Kane said that the Undertaker is showing signs of recovery. He revealed to Kane that Rey Mysterio is the one responsible.

Kane reminded everyone that Mysterio won a Battle Royal to qualify for the World Championship match at the Fatal Four Way pay-per-view. Kane explained that Mysterio wanted Undertaker out so that he could participate in the championship match.

Kane said that Mysterio will cease to exist after he defeats him at Summer Slam.

Kane's delivery of this week’s promo was entertaining, but not as good as the week prior. However, he is on top of his game and the best he has ever been since losing his mask.

The only time I’ve seen him with so much momentum was during his crazy feud with Shane McMahon.

Segment Rating: 6/10


Drew McIntyre def. Christian :

McIntyre completely dominated Christian by focusing on his shoulder with brutal tactics. Christian pulled a fast one on “The Chosen One” when he scored the victory with an inside cradle small package.


I was surprised to see Christian get the victory. McIntyre’s World championship push appears to have been put on hold. It looks like this recent match will result in a three-way with Matt Hardy at Summer Slam.

Match Rating: 7/10


Big Show def Luke Gallows by DQ :

Gallows started the match aggressively but ultimately received some punishment from Big Show. The S.E.S. got involved in the match that resulted in the stomping of Big Show's right hand into the steps.

I could feel Show’s pain when Serena was digging her heel into his hand.

This is nice build-up if Punk is going to face the Big Show at Summer Slam.

Match Rating: 7/10


Dolph Ziggler def. (Intercontinental Champion) Kofi Kingston by DQ :

The match was excellent as Ziggler and Kingston traded offensive moves. Kingston became enraged when Vicki Guerrero slammed him. Kingston proceeded to beat down Ziggler with closed fists, despite the referee’s attempts to intervene. Finally, WWE officials were able to hold back Kingston.


It looks like Ziggler will finally win the Intercontinental Championship next week. If he is victorious, look for him to defend the title against Kingston at Summer Slam.

Match Rating: 8/10


(Co-Women’s Champion) Michelle McCool def. Tiffany :

Vicki Guerrero advised the WWE Universe that McCool would be facing Tiffany instead of Layla to defend the championship.

This was one of the best women’s matches in some time. McCool got the win after executing the "Faith Breaker", aka the "Styles Clash".

At the end of the match, Teddy Long said that there is only one women’s champion and that Lay-Cool needs to decide who that is, or he will.

We knew that the Co-Women’s Championship angle would eventually lead to this. Layla is the true champion. She scored the pinfall in the championship match, so I don’t really see how they should be “decided.”

This decision will likely culminate into a feud or the stripping of the title. Either way, it may spell the end of Lay-Cool, which was the best thing going in the women’s division.

Match Rating: 8/10



Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger fought to a No Contest in a No DQ Match :

The Mysterio/Swagger feud reached the no disqualification match status. They both fought on the outside of the ring until it spilled out of the arena. Mysterio was able to send Swagger into the Gulf of Mexico.

As Mysterio taunted Swagger, Kane entered the camera view. Kane tossed Mysterio into the water to join Swagger to end the show.

The Gulf of Mexico seems to suck WWE superstars into it. It seems that when ever it is there, someone ends up inside.

Is it me, or would it not be more effective to have choke slammed Mysterio onto the concrete?

The actors in the cars that drove by as Swagger and Mysterio crossed was a nice and somewhat funny touch.

Match Rating: 9/10


Final Thoughts :

Overall, the matches were all top-notch. There are only a few weeks until Summer Slam, so it looks like more matches will be announced next week. I wonder what Swagger’s participation in Summer Slam will be, now that Mysterio is getting the title shot.


With all the promos he has been getting, Alberto Del Rio better make an impact. His work on FCW was impressive, but we will see how it transcends onto network television.


The current Summer Slam matches :

WWE Champion Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Elimination Match-Team WWE vs.The Nexus