Manny Ramirez Is Going to Hollywood

David Parks@DavidParks10Correspondent IJuly 31, 2008

It's official.  Manny Ramirez is leaving the Boston Red Sox.  According to numerous reports, the All-Star is heading to the Dodgers in a three team trade involving the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Pirates.  The details are as follows:

Red Sox acquire LF Jason Bay

Dodgers acquire LF Manny Ramirez

Pirates acquire 3B Andy LaRoche, P Bryan Morris, OF Brandon Moss, and P Craig Hansen

Leave it to the Dodgers to go out and one up the Angels.  Obtaining a run producer like Ramirez makes the Dodgers the obvious favorite in the terrible division that is the NL West.  

It's still shocking that this went sour so fast.  Just two weeks ago, Manny was just being Manny in Boston, happy.  Then he couldn't wait to get out of Beantown.

Let's take a look at all three teams' perspective of this deal.

The Dodgers

If I'm the Dodgers I am ecstatic.  Not only do I get one of the top five run producers in the Bigs, he's going to help us win our division.  I mean the guy drove in 868 runs while he was in Boston.  You don't get that kind of production from most guys.  

The rumors were swirling that if Manny was to be traded then it was going to be to the Marlins, who of course, have no chance to sign him long term.  That being said, in a city like Los Angeles, and a team like the Dodgers, they can sign him to a four or a five year deal.  So, not only do the Dodgers get him for the rest of the season, but they have an incredible chance to sign him long term after the season.

The Red Sox

This is a crushing blow to the Sox's title hopes.  Yes Jason Bay is a good player.  Yes he will give you 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI's.  But make no mistake about it, Ortiz and Manny were one of a kind.  Having Manny hitting behind him gave Ortiz pitches to hit, and protection.  

Now, even though Bay is a good hitter, he just doesn't strike the same fear into pitchers that Manny does.  The Angels have been the favorite to win the Series for a couple of weeks and now you can pretty much crown them.

The Pirates

The Pirates did a great job in getting rid of their three biggest trade pieces in Damaso Marte, Xavier Nady, and now Bay.  The Pirates get back some good looking prospects.  

LaRoche has already played in the Big Leagues so expect him to go ahead and start for the Pirates.  Morris is a guy that throws serious heat.  He has shown some talent in the minors, but still lacks some consistency.  Give credit to the Pirates though for doing this trade.  They recognized that they wouldn't be able to re sign Bay in the offseason so they got as much value as they could for him.