Will Mike Glennon Ever Get His Chance at NC State

Allen LoppCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2010

Mike Glennon is a back-up quarterback for the NC State Wolfpack who has yet to see significant playing time while at the school. 

Highly recruited out of high school, he was a four star prospect and the fifth rated quarterback in the nation.

He has a big arm, very good accuracy, and has exceptional touch on the football.

Glennon's only weakness was his lack of mobility. He is not a runner, but can roll out and make a play every now and then.

He was red-shirted his freshman season at NC State, and every since Russell Wilson has held down the starting quarterback position.

Glennon's chances of playing have increased greatly as Wilson was drafted by the Colorado Rockies, who have agreed to let him play college football this season.

I would imagine that if Wilson were to get hurt in any way that the coaching staff would not hesitate to put Glennon in the game to protect Wilson's baseball career. 

That raises another question, does Wilson intend on playing college football next season?

As far as I know he only told the Rockies that he wanted to play this season, but this season the Wolfpack could possibly turn it around and be in contention in the ACC.

If the Wolfpack do become contenders in the ACC, does that mean Wilson will stay?

That would only delay Glennon's arrival time as starting quarterback.

Time will only tell when Glennon takes over the reins in Raleigh, but this Wolfpack fan has faith in him.