Why the Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta Fight is Unpredictable

Kevin C.Correspondent IAugust 1, 2008

On August 9, UFC 87 has the potential to have some of the fights of the year. Along with the great welterweight match-up Geroges St-Pierre vs. Jon Fitch, Heath Herring vs. Brock Lesner , and personally, the fight I'm most hyped for, Kenny "Ken Flo" Florian vs. Roger "El Matador" Huerta.

This fight itself makes UFC 87 one of the best fight cards of the year.

These two fighters are some of the best at 155, and each are well rounded in every aspect of MMA. This probably has to be one of the closest lightweight match-ups of the year. Which is why nobody in their right mind can predict who wins this fight.


Besides the fact "Ken Flo" has one inch on Roger, Everything else is almost identical. Both fighters come in with the mentality they are better then the opponent. "I respect Kenny, but I’m gonna take him out. I’m gonna be explosive, faster, and stronger, and at the end of the night, I want him to say ‘he was the better fighter."

Why Roger Can Win:

  1. Coming off 6 straight wins, his last against Clay Guida aka the Fight of the Year, the young 25 year old should be coming in feeling great, cocky, and ready to kick some @$$.
  2. He has 3 fights ending w/ TKO, but has shown excellent grappling and wrestling on the floor.
  3. Idealistically fights just like Kenny, combination of elbows, knees and explosive take downs.
  4. Needs to try drag the fight on. Both are in great shape but would have to give the condish edge to Roger.

Why Kenny Can Win:

  1. Kenny's coming off 4 straight wins, notably against Din Thomas and Joe Lauzon.
  2. Kenny can end the fight however he chooses. My advice would be to take Roger to the floor, for the fact that Kenny has a SLIGHT advantage in jiu-jitsu. (He after all, is a black belt) Taking Roger to the floor would be his best option.
  3. I, like Dana White, would have to give Kenny the slight edge in the stand up game, especially with his dangerous elbows and roundhouse kicks
  4. Other than his one loss to Sean Seark, every single other fight has ended with Kenny submitting his opponent or making them see stars with a TKO. This is a even fight but something tells me this pattern won't change

So that is my analysis on these two fighters. If I had to choose a winner, I would HAVE to choose Kenny. But that's just my choice.

Watch on August 9th like me & find out if I'm right.