Atlanta Braves Pitching Overflow

Randy GautreauxContributor IAugust 9, 2010

We’ve all read the articles. We’ve all seen the performances. First, 2008, Jair Jurrjens debuted for the Braves. Second came Tommy Hanson in 2009. Now, 2010, here comes Mike Minor who is slated to start Monday nights game against the Houston Astros. I love the over-abundance in pitching, but what makes me giggle just a little bit when I read those articles about Jurrjens and Hanson and now Minor is that they forget about Kris Medlen and Johnny “The Vulture” Venters.


Here’s the other thing I’ve been reading as well. With the overflow of pitching the Braves have presently and down in the farm, with only 5 spots in the rotation to fill, who stays, and who goes?


I’ve seen ridiculous reports of trading away about two of our prospects and just keeping Teheran and even trading Jurrjens for a big bat. Uh, please no. I mean, if I lived in a perfect world I’d have a rotation of Hudson (his last year), Hanson, Jurrjens, Teheran, Minor. Medlen 7th inning, Venter’s 8th inning, Kimbrel closing (all this in about 2 years time or so). However, the one problem may very well be Derek Lowe. He will be in his last year of his contract and I’m positive no one will take him off our hands to a late 30’s sinkerballer who does not have the same success as he once did.


I’ve read articles of trading Jurrjens, or Delgado, or even Vizcaino for offense with Lowe still in the rotation. This makes me want to vomit somewhere. I can’t think of trading such a promising arm in order to keep 1 more year of Derek Lowe in the rotation knowing that the following year we will have a hole to fill and we trading possibly the guy to fill it. Perhaps it eases my pain a little depending on what kind of bat we acquire, but with Kawakami’s contract and Chipper’s contract finishing up before then, we should have some money to play with (hopefully with the spike in attendance and after signing Hanson and Heyward to some good long contracts).


I guess the point I want to make is the last thing I want to see is the Braves trade these coveted arms simply because there’s no spot for them in the rotation because Kawakami (next year) and Lowe (Next 2 years) are sucking money and need to keep those spots. I would say, drop them, trade them for peanuts, whatever, but make sure we don’t give up 6 years of some young pitcher for 1 to 2 mediocre and underwhelming years of Kawakami and D. Lowe. But I want to hear from you all, what do you think the Braves should do? Who SHOULD they trade (realistically because no one will take D. Lowe at 39 and due $16M)? What does your 2012 Rotation look like? Next year should be fun but I almost look at it as a chance for some to get their feet wet and then really take off in 2012. Let me know what to do with the Overflow of Pitching in the Atlanta Braves system.