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LONDON - APRIL 20:  An aerial view of the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal football club on April 20, 2007 in Ashburton Grove, Holloway, north London, England.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
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Hello everybody!

It's been a wonderful day, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing & work is going really smoothly for a change, even better, as I sit here contemplating the new EPL season, which is only a few short days away, there are more than a few thoughts that make me confident looking ahead towards ARSENAL's start to the season at ANFIELD, here are a few of them; 'Manure' are flat BROKE, the 'Spuds' are still hopelessly PATHETIC and last but not least, 'CHAVSKI' fc are getting older by the second, what's more is that our new signings are looking really sharp, both Marouane & Laurent have had tremendous pre-seasons & are looking like the answer to our problems, both in defense & attack.

Speaking of 'CHAVSKI', did you guys see their horrible performance against 'Manure' yesterday afternoon? It was soul destroying, totally lacking in skill, cohesion, unity & anything even remotely resembling teamwork, all this from a team that has famously cost £500 million to assemble, yes, you read it right "£5oo MILLION" it makes you feel sick & leaves you shaking your head all at the same time.

That got me thinking, we all know that 'CHAVSKI' are one of the most derided clubs in world football for their overspending, tapping up of players, bandwagon fans (god knows we are plagued with them here on B/R) & downright cheating, let's not forget 'CHAVSKI's' most ANNOYING & RIDICULOUS trait of all; their UTTERLY UNJUSTIFIED & UNEARNED demand to be considered as one of the truly great clubs in history. That, more than anything, exposes 'Chavski' fc as wannabes, how can a club or team consider themselves part of the 'elite' when they haven't even won as many titles as a team like Sunderland?

So let's have a look at just how far the 'Blues' have to accomplish before they can be considered an 'elite' club, I thought it would be fun to measure all the top European clubs up against each other, something I plan to do in the future in another article, the problem is that 'Chavski' are so far behind as far as titles won & prestige, it would be completely pointless to include them in an article listing the greatest clubs, not to mention disrespectful, as the 'BLUE CHAVS' have no right to be mentioned in the same sentence as Real Madrid & Ac Milan, much less in the same article, so I thought I would measure them up against the Gunners.

Here goes;

#1~League Titles -Arsenal 13  / Chelsea 4

#2~Fa Cup Wins  -Arsenal 10  / Chelsea 6

#3~ECWC           -Arsenal 1   / Chelsea 2

#4~UEFA/EUROPA-Arsenal 1   / Chelsea 0

#5~ Stadiums- Arsenal play in Ashburton Grove, which is also known as the "Emirates Stadium", the Gunners new stadium has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the finest football grounds in World football, it has already won many prestigious awards & has a long contract with the Brazilian national team which means that most Brazilian games played abroad will be played there.

Chelsea, for their part, play their football in Stamford Bridge, while Chelsea village is actually a really nice place to visit (I speak from personal experience, when I first came to stay in London I used to go there frequently & I had a ball.) with plenty of bars & pubs, the football ground is very ordinary and the playing surface is one of the worst in European football, ask any 'real' Chelsea supporter ( preferably a pre-Chavski one) & they will confirm what I just stated.

#6~Spending & Finances- Arsenal are widely recognised as the best financially run football club in the EPL, under the astute management of the GREAT Arsene Wenger the Gunners have turned a tidy profit every year, plus, in the last few years we have started to reap the benefits of our move into the aforementioned brand new money-spinning "Emirates Stadium", another benefit of having Wenger as a manager is that Arsenal supporters NEVER have to worry about the financial future of the club, as Arsenal will never spend more than they earn, even better, under Wenger Arsenal will only spend in proportion to their net profit, neither will they ever put themselves at the mercy & whims of a "sugar daddy" who will spend lavishly for a few years but demand a return on his investment as well as control over signings & club policy.

Chelsea, have gone the exact opposite way, they have become a billionaires PLAYTHING, in thrall to his every whim, mood & fancy, which might be fun for awhile but when he tires of it or decides to move on, or even worse, goes BROKE like so many wealthy people nowadays, Chelsea will find themselves in MASSIVE trouble and that's putting it mildly, Leeds utd will seem like a drop of water compared to the ocean of trouble Chelsea will find themselves in should their Russian benefactor depart one day.


#7~Youth Development-Arsenal fc under Arsene Wenger have had enormous success in that department, with former playing legends like Steve Bould & Liam Brady at the helm of the youth squads and academy, Arsenal youngsters have enjoyed enormous success down the years, both in terms of trophies & in making the eventual progression into first team football, many Arsenal youths have made a successful move into the Gunners first team, Johan Djourou, Kieran Gibbs, Armand Traore, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure, Theo Walcott & Nicklas Bendtner, to name just a few, have ALL made the successful step up from the Arsenal academy to the first team, they have all learned to play in the RIGHT way (the ARSENAL way), however, Arsenal's proudest achievement in terms of youth development has got to be none other than the great Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal's dynamic midfield general & Captain.

What's almost just as impressive is the fact that even the players who fail to make the grade go on to have  excellent careers with other teams, in fact, Arsenal fc & Real Madrid are the top two clubs in terms of providing first team players to other clubs in Europe.

Chelsea, in comparison have been a RESOUNDING FAILURE in both youth development as well as youngsters graduating to the first team, it has to be noted though, that it wasn't for lack of trying, as Chelsea spent a fortune in bringing Frank Arnesen to the club, Arnesen is widely respected as one of the finest directors of football in the business, he is also renowned for his first rate recruitment & development of young footballers, sadly, his talents & hard work were wasted as Chelsea had just employed an ARROGANT, SELF INVOLVED & CONCEITED peacock in the form of Jose Mourinho the ridiculously self styled "special one", more like Narcisuss's BASTARD son, but I digress, I am certain you are all well aware of Jose's disdain for young players & free flowing football, or any kind of attractive football for that matter,the result was that all of Arnesen's hard work went straight down the drain for many years.

There now appears to be a glimmer of hope, as under Carlo Ancelotti we are begining to see the first 'home-grown" youngsters from the Chelsea academy make their first steps into the first team at Stamford Bridge, hopefully it will continue, as Chelsea have many fine young players in their academy, it would be a shame to see them go to waste like they did under the unethical & selfserving Portuguese.

In closing, I would like to look at the scores, it reads like this;

-Arsenal 25 major trophies  / Chelsea 12

-Arsenal have Ashburton Grove, one of the FINEST stadiums in World football, with a playing surface that is equalled by none, while Chelsea have Stamford bridge, one of the WORST pitches in the European game.

-Arsenal are one of the most profitable clubs in world sports, never mind football, and, the best financially run football club in the epl, by a country mile, they will be debt free in the next two years and profits have risen & will continue to rise every year, Chelsea continue to be Roman's expensive TOY and rely on his vast fortune for their continued existence, worse, they have not only failed to yield a profit, as their former chief executive (Peter 'the antichrist' Kenyon) promised nearly SIX years ago, they have actually failed to even break even, as they continue to lose VAST sums of money every single fiscal year.

Chavski have a very long way to go indeed.

Give me a well run club any day, give me a future, give me attractive football, give me ARSENAL!