Madden 11 Review: Do Not Buy EA Sports' Awful 'New' Product

Reid BrooksAnalyst IAugust 9, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 09: A very happy Ryan Jones, of New Orleans holds the first purchaced Madden NFL 11 video game signed by Marshall Faulk on August 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game featuring New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees goes on sale in stores at midnight on August 10.  (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Here is a review for you:

EA Sports is about to commit the single biggest mass theft in the history of commercial industry.

People all over the country are lining up tonight to purchase a game that is actually worse than last year's version, and might be worse than any version since the 2006 edition. Or earlier.

It gets difficult to tell with the fact that the graphics for this edition are slightly cartoonish.

If you want to play cartoon football, I'd suggest digging around for Looney Tunes Party 1994. Thankfully, in case you were looking for an alternative, EA Sports put together this gem of a game.

And it might actually be worse.

EA Sports has actually gone out of their way to cheat literally everyone. They removed most of the important game play features (things like the turbo button, because apparently that was useless) and streamlined the play calling in a manner that actually makes things less fun, while simultaneously NFL "Blitz"-ing the graphics.

And then, after that, they decided to make zero changes to franchise mode or superstar mode, repackaged all of the sayings and videos, and slapped a new number on the cover.

They literally changed nothing about the is the exact same as 2010.

Only they made everything else about the game worse.

The only thing that could justifiably encourage anyone to purchase this game would be they are too lazy to make the roster changes themselves by downloading roster updates for Madden 10.

And on principle, just to keep EA Sports from making any more profit, I'll come over to your house and download the roster updates for you. If you give me that 60 bucks.

Heck, you'll have a better quality football game that way.

Basically, according to the Madden 11 blog, EA Sports wants everyone to send them suggestions for things they can do to make Madden 12 "revolutionary." They claim it takes more than one year to completely rewrite the game.

So instead they rewrite a few things to make the game worse for a year?

It's actually kind of funny, or perhaps it's evil genius, because there won't be a Madden 12 while the NFL is in lockout mode, which everyone claims is coming. So thanks for lying about that, too, EA.

It wouldn't have taken so long if they hadn't launched a massive, scam advertising campaign with Drew Brees all over the place playing off of people's emotions from the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl victory. They could have just given that money to the game's designers.

But EA has gotten to the point that they don't care about you or about making a quality game that represents the NFL. All they want to do is turn a dime as easily as they possibly can, while enjoying a ridiculous monopoly on pro football gaming titles from the NFL.

They have either literally run out of technology and ideas to make improvements, or they just don't care, so they've started going backwards in quality in order to see how long they can get away with it.

Save yourself the money, and the sanity this year, and just skip Madden.

If we don't send a huge message by killing their expected profit returns and boycotting this game, we'll never end up with a quality NFL product.

It starts with you having enough self respect to skip being cheated out of your hard earned money.