"Patient Tebow": And Ground Zero For The Infection Of Winning!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

ENGLEWOOD, CO - AUGUST 05:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Bronocs takes part in practice during training camp at Dove Valley on August 5, 2010 in Englewood, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

     A lot or a little has been made recently, depending who you talk to, about character, work ethic and the mystique of winning. Many contend that these traits do not, and will not translate to success at the NFL level. This could not be farther from the truth.


Confidence and character are contagious both on and off the field. Hard work and the culture of winning are infectious and if allowed to propagate will spread through a team like a medieval plague. Every outbreak always has what epidemiologists call “Patient Zero” that one person that all infection can be traced back to, the Typhoid Mary if you will, of any epidemic.


     A cursory examination of the Broncos might lead an clinical observer to assume that individuals like Josh McDaniels, the coach that has the plan, or players like Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey players with great leadership and preparation habits would be the source, the “Patients Zero”. Closer examination would show that these and others have created the conditions where the “virus” can thrive but is not the actual contagion.


     Bringing in a Gym and film study monster like Brady Quinn certainly helped to prep the conditions for the outbreak to spread like wildfire. The Broncos roster and staff are well prepared to be the Petri Dish of the NFL. This years draft was nothing short of a infusion of the necessary components to make that “dish” a fertile breeding ground. The selection of smart motivated high character guys like Zane Beadles, Eric Olsen, Bey Bey Thomas, Eric Decker and J.D. Walton, and players looking for a leader like Perrish Cox only add to the contagious nature of the team.


     Enter the catalyst for the disease, Tim Tebow: Typhoid Tim, Patient Tebow! Coach Josh McDaniels went after Tim Tebow like a skilled surgeon, extracting Tim and the other players he wanted with uncanny dexterity and precision, almost to the exclusion of all other options. He brought in tough smart tenacious players that would make accommodating hosts to the new infection, the infection of winning.


     The effects of introducing such a volatile   influence had just as much chance of imploding a team as launching it forward. Had such a high profile media juggernaut been introduced into an environment of selfishness and individualism, it could easily been disastrous and cankerous to team chemistry. If Tebow had possessed an ounce of guile or ‘me first’ ego teammates could have easily resented and turned on him rather than embrace and support him as they overwhelmingly have. The potential for Mile high being ground zero for a disaster of biblical proportion (pun intended) was easily as likely if the environment had not be prepared just right..

Instead Tim Tebow’s work ethic, competitive drive, character and history of winning have already taken Dove Valley by storm. Tim Tebow works long after practice has finished, and others have followed suit with more frequency. He takes every snap seriously and uses it as an opportunity to improve and progress. He and Quinn both reached out to Broncos Great John


Elway for mentoring and coaching, and others like Rod Smith, Easy Ed MacCaffery and John Lynch quickly followed suit.


      Recent developments like the emergence of players like Alphonso Smith and Jarvis Moss could also be argued as a result of being infected with the “Tebow Virus”; two players who’s work ethic and focus has been questioned in the past but seems surprisingly to have improved. While not necessarily a positive thing in outcome, the recent rash of injuries could also be loosely related to the resulting passionate and competitive spirit that has swept through Dove Valley this off-season.


      Much has been said about players with passion, character and a dedication to the game, how that can be viewed as negative I don’t know, but one thing you can not question about “Patient Tebow” he has shaken things in Denver to the core and caused a team wide epidemic of hard work, physical and smart play and a drive to win.

  for this and many other reasons Tim Tebow's presence on the field, in the locker room, or on the bench, "Patient Tebow" is well worth the investment. Only time will tell if is translates to Wins on the field, but I for one believe it will.