Could Daniel Bryan Be Team WWE'S 7th Member?

Pav MandairCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2010

Shocks, swerves, twists, we’ve seen them all in  wrestling over the years some we saw coming, some not even senior members of the WWE creative team predicted, but despite heavy criticism of WWE programming in recent years WWE has always been able to spring the odd surprise here and there especially when critics were just about to completely turn away.  This Sunday is one of those scenarios. With the team WWE vs. Nexus angle culminating in a match this Sunday. The teams were seemed to be set, however The Great Khali is still being teased as not being able to compete. With Nexus attack this past Monday night the seeds may already been planted for the return of Bryan Danielson. It may seem very wide of the mark, but over the years how many have scenarios occurred where if you were told a year, month or even a day earlier you would have laughed it off.

Could it happen?

A lot has been made of how Bryan Danielson could be brought back to WWE programming once his incident breaking of WWE PG rules was blown over. Therefore even though he doesn’t return this Sunday there is a possibility along the line. The Nexus have since attacked the majority perhaps all the time without weapons, therefore all their attacks are not associated with weapons therefore WWE’s worry about children copying Daniel Bryan’s  choke on Justin Roberts may not as bad as first feared, especially the fact it has been edited out of replays since. The Great Khali is not too much of a commodity to this angle, therefore having him written out would not do any harm at all. WWE has produced shocks in the past therefore any contract negotiations could easily be done secretly.

Would it work?

Given that Daniel Bryan’s storyline reason was “showing remorse” it is safe to say that he already has an agenda against Nexus and a firm alliance with Team WWE. Therefore he would perfectly fit into an alliance against Nexus. WWE is letting the youngsters carry the ball for this Pay Per View with Sheamus the WWE champion and the Nexus angle, therefore having Daniel Bryan make the surprise return would fit in well.  Given Bryan Danielson’s huge following I am sure he would get a good pop in L.A. this Sunday. Given Daniel Bryan already had an angle with Michael Cole on Raw he is very familiar with the Raw audience as not everybody watched NXT, and his past affiliation with a group who have really gotten over in recent weeks he may just have enough credibility to help WWE pull of this shock. With WWE giving the ball to the youngsters at Summerslam and Daniel Bryan one of the main pushed stars on NXT Season 1, WWE may have the faith in Daniel Bryan to make an impact. With The Miz rumoured to replace The Great Khali this Sunday if he is replaced by his former rookie Daniel Bryan this could help ensure that Daniel Bryan is no longer seen as a rookie and would perfectly tie in to a continuation of his storyline with The Miz. WWE has being trying to make new stars as evident with the headliners of this Pay Per View, therefore this could be the perfect way to create one. There is a saying in wrestling “Never say Never” this is could be perfectly resembled this Sunday, with Justin Roberts only affiliation with Daniel Bryan is announcing his return.