TV Scouting Indy Wrestlers ! : Roderick Strong & Tyler Black

Immortal Dilemma Contributor IIAugust 11, 2010

Its being said that Ring of Honor star Roderick Strong was backstage at yesterday's TNA TV tapings in Orlando, FL.

Strong had last worked for TNA in early 2006. He was also part of the first ever TNA match that aired on Spike TV in iMPACT's debut on the network back in October 2005 with AJ Styles.

People are saying that Roderick could be signing with TNA again since 2006 Strong hasn't been in the iMPACT zone. He has been a tryout match TNA Xplosion and was being cheered by the fans from Florida could we see a potential come back from Strong to TNA? Jalel Patel was billed from Bombay, India. He came out carrying an Oscar. Strong got a big pop since he's well known in the Florida area. Patel controlled until Strong came back with Gutbuster and leg lariat for pin. Fans were chanting for Dixie to chant Strong after.Might see Strong at the IMPACT Zone , and that's two big names that are in Ring of Honor right now.


Now i hope wrestlers backstage at ROH can fill the void if Strong leave and when Tyler Black leave. Hope to see Christhor Daniels can finally win the World Title for the first time.