WWE: Got Bucks for the Blockbuster? Underneath the Summerslam Card...

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

 Hey Bleacher Reporters and Commentors!

As WWE's Summer Blockbuster PPV Event Summerslam is just days away. And while WWE is spending a whole lot of time hyping to Pay Per View up, most fans could care less about the PPV.

This year's Summerslam currently only has 5 matches on it's card. Compared to last year's eight matches. The matches currently are:


WWE Champion Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Team WWE vs. The Nexus (Elimination Tag Team Match)


Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society (3-on-1 Handicap Match)

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Melina

And from the likes of it, by tommorow night we'll have a match announced for the Intercontinental Title Kofi Kingston vs Dolf Ziggler, and expect the Smackdown Divas to be put on the card as well. In all this makes 7 matches.


Many fans feel this PPV will be a waste of money, or so it won't live up to the expectations of the many great Summerslams of the past. So in other words they won't buy it. But here me out, this PPV has tons of potential, and WWE likes to surprise us every now and then so even if your in doubt, maybe try and check in out (or watch a live stream).


The Championship rivalry from the RAW brand, is revolving around Randy Orton and Sheamus, who are having a match for the WWE Championship. Orton and Sheamus have had a match before early on this year at the Royal Rumble, but at the time Orton's Stable Legacy got involved and got him disqualified. Plus Sheamus wasn't so well put over at the time.

This time around it's different. Orton's a face (he's cheered by the crowd) and has nothing to do with Legacy anymore since they broken up in March. Sheamus has been put over massively by the likes of Triple H, and has since gone on to win his second world title.

The crowd is solidly behind Orton and with an RKO that can strike anytime, he can possibly walk out of Summerslam as the WWE Champion. Sheamus on the other hand has yet to prove that he can beat Orton, and with their last encounter on Monday, I'd say Sheamus is going to give Orton his all during this match.

But what is particularly interesting about Orton and Sheamus' match? The Money in The Bank holder himslef The Miz. The Miz has tried twice to cash in his Money In The Bank Briefcase on the current champion Sheamus. But has failed to win the title because of interruptions. The Miz said on Monday he doesn't care who wins the WWE Title at Summerslam and he said Randy's best case scenerio is winning the title, then Miz cashing his briefcase on him thus Miz winning his first WWE title.

Whether or not Miz was serious about what he said or even if it was a tatic to get inside Sheamus and Orton's head we need to pay close attention to the WWE Championship match this Sunday, we might very well have a first time World Champ walk into Monday Night Raw the next night.



The Main angle from RAW is the Nexus angle. Bret Hart, John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge, Chris Jericho and an unknown seventh member of Team WWE will go against the Nexus in an Elimination Style Tag Match.

The Nexus angle has been brewing for some time now, and according to John Cena we might see the very end of it at Summerslam. Likely Not. John Cena has been a target for many of the Nexus attacks. They even tried to force him into joining with them. So luckely for Cena he made himself a team to take them "down".

For the past three weeks I can't tell you how many people thought John Cena was going to turn heel and join the Nexus. Now I stand by my opinion and say that will not happen. But this match will be full of surprises. 

Anyways after a bit of a rocky start Team WWE finally stood united on Monday to show they're not playing and they'll do whatever it takes to take Nexus down. Coming this Sunday a lot of people are split whether or not Team WWE will actually win the match. A lot of specualtion suggest, not Cena but another member of Team WWE will turn against the team, possibly Bret Hart, John Morrison, R-Truth, maybe even the whole team turns against Cena.

Whether or not this does actually happens there remains a certain aspect that keeps me interested in this match, the fact that the 7th member is currently unknown. Now everybody on Facebook is all happy and say Triple H is returning. Now I will dismiss that becuase HHH is still injured and won't be back until late October or even December, plus he still has a bone to pick with Sheamus.

But think about it, what if this match is placed after the WWE Championship match? What if the Miz successfully cashed in his breifcase and become Champion? He told Cena and Bret that they would see if he would help them out come this Sunday. He seems to be in the gloaty mood, what better way to rub it in everybody's face on Monday Night by saying he became WWE Champion and helped out Team WWE defeat the Nexus? That Team WWE needed a champion that would help them. Surely if that would happen, we'll never ever hear the end of this.


Also don't forget Melina and Alicia Fox's match at the PPV. Melina returned just two weeks ago and has been given the oppurtunity to fight Alicia Fox for the Diva's Championship. WWE officials are "high" on Alicia Fox, and I for one like her ring work. And I don't see Melina gaining the title back after only 2 weeks. If anything this will be a great match for the Diva's Division and be a start to a great feud that just might be put in the books later on.



Now Let's get down to Smackdown's Matches Shall We!


The Main Feud going into Summerslam for the Smackdown Brand is Rey Mysterio going against Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh Boy here we go...

Kane has been on a rampage ever since May because of his brother the Undertaker being found in a vegetative state (Oh yeah and Kane found his brother in the vegetative state). Ever since then he has accused CM Punk, Jack Swagger and now Rey Mysterio for putting his brother in a vegetative state. One after another Kane has delt with them, CM Punk has a broken arm, Jack Swagger is no where to be seen, and Rey Mysterio's future seems to be doomed forever living in a casket.

Ever since this vegetative state angle has been brought about many have pointed out who they think are the culprits, throughout the lists, Kane himself always makes it in there. Kane recently won his first World Title in a decade last month at the Money In The Bank PPV. Rey Mysterio won the No. 1 contender's match against Jack Swagger and now Kane has pointed his finger of vengance at Rey Rey.

Now we all now that would be ridiculous. As if Rey Mysterio could take out the Deadman. Rey Mysterio claimed he has not done it, and in doing so he stated last Friday that Kane is the attacker of the Undertaker. Kane at first laughed, then drifted into a state of confusion, anger and sadness.

We all know whatever the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship Match on Sunday will be, Undertaker will likely make an appearance, physical or show "signs." If anyting, this is what I'm looking forward to in this PPV.


Now from here I'll be doing short summaries of the Intercontinental Title Match, The SES and Big Show's Match and The Smackdown Diva's Match. If you feel like you read enough go ahead and go to the comments section (I won't be offended, I don't really enjoy long articles myself).

The SES has been on a little rift lately, ever since Kane has accused Punk of taking out Undertaker things have gone downhill for the SES. Later on Big Show unmasked Punk and Joey Mercury, (I got to say though, Mercury doesn't look to bad sporting a bald look). This eventualy led to the SES "crushing" the Big Show's hand. And ultimately more promos from Punk and him trying to build back that trust and loyalty the Straight Edge Society has since lost. And right now I think their biggest obstacle is The Big Show.

The Intercontinental Championship match will be Kofi Kingston against Dolf Ziggler, after a year Dolf Ziggler finally gains the IC Title. But it was with the help of Vickie. Kofi Kingston has held that title for awhile now and it seemed really important to him. So important that he goes into full rage after he was cheated out of it. I like both performers, and I especially like Kofi Kingston's new aggression. It gives the IC title value and I'll definately be looking forward to their match at Summerslam. Whether or not who wins.

The Smackdown Diva's Division will have a match. And according to what I heard it will be a tag team match between Lay-Cool and Tiffany and Kelly Kelly. Is it a title match? I don't know yet, but if anything I think this will test the bonds of Lay-Cool and if they can really stay together as BFF's right now. These past Smackdown's have been hinting at a a possible split up between the two. And at Summerslam I think a rift will be made. Similar to how Legacy's rift began at the Royal Rumble, and to their ultimate breakup as a group.


Overall I think this PPV will be a great one with a lot of surprises. We can expect quality length matches like the IC Title match and RAW Diva's Match, and get some surprises within the PPV as well. Such as the Undertaker angle, Nexus, and Miz's Money In The Bank Briefcase.

This PPV has tons of potential and I know not all of WWE's PPV's this year have been great but the past month on RAW and Smackdown has been a hell of a lot of fun. And I'm hoping the best for Summerslam. So I encourage you to watch it whether you buy it, watch a stream or whatever, but it's all up to you....


Will you watch this PPV in any way, shape, or form? Are you anticipating any matches? Do you think this PPV will be a dissapointment? Feel free to share your opinion! You don't have to agree! All Feedback is welcome...