From Rice To Cal Poly: The Flight of Transfer Chris Eversley Takes Off

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

In his last game for a year, Chris Eversley was able to shine at the Sonny Parker Pro Am Championship, dropping 20 points and ripping five rebounds clean off the glass. While his team didn't win the championship, Eversley has set himself up for the future. Cal Poly basketball and its fans should be thrilled about it.

Now comes the long wait that no one wants to go through. Since Eversley is a transfer student from Rice he must sit out one year because of NCAA rules. During recent talks with Eversley I was able to pick some things that will be good for Cal Poly fans and readers but might be scary for opponents.


On Summer league Pro-Am basketball:

In talking with Eversley while he was disappointed that his team didn't win the championship when I dished out his 20-5 stat to him, a sly smirk came to his face and to mine because it's a glimpse into the future.

Q: What did summer ball do you for you?

A: It exposed me to some of the best talent in the state of Illinois, which gave me a view on how I matched up against some of the best competition in the game which featured a variety of playing styles from a variety number of schools.


On the long waiting period.

While Eversley has no problem with the NCAA rule of having to sit out a year, it did light a fire underneath him.

Q: What are your goals for this year while you sit out and wait for your chance?

A: To get better in every way possible, from conditioning and strength work to ball handling, speed and athleticism, I have a burning desire to get better which will never stop. I can always be better then my best.


While they wait, what's in store for the Cal Poly community?

Just because he must sit out doesn't mean the fans, students and teammates aren't awaiting Eversley to show up and bring his talent and love of the game to the Mustangs.

Q: What will you do so the Cal Poly community knows you before you even play a game?

A: Just hanging around, I'm a gym rat so if I'm not in class they can find me in a gym, working to become better. I'm an extroverted person so I will just go up to people introduce myself just to make a new friend.

Q: So is there a buzz among the community about your arrival?

A: While the attention should not be on me, the coaching staff has repeatedly told me how happy they are to have me apart of their team. The most important thing for myself is not to have people know my name but to have them know the Cal Poly men's basketball team while we chase championships and trophies.


When the time approaches...

It's only a year, a year for Eversley to fit in, get to know his community, his teammates his coaching staff and the basketball system. So to end our Q&A we took a small glimpse into the future.

Q: A year from now, when the wait is over and you're able to suit up, what are you bringing? Are you gonna make sure everybody knows your name?

A: As I said, I'm not concerned about how many people know about me while it's always a silly saying you hear growing up there truly is no I in team and Cal Poly is the team I can't wait to play for. I feel as thought I'm bringing a Chicago style of play to the West coast and an overall hunger to lead the team, not myself to the top.


As always I would like to thank Eversley for the interview. There's something to be said about a young man who's able to overlook the waiting period and has the competitive blood flowing through his veins. Once he steps on to the court for Cal Poly all that readiness will be on display. It will be great for Cal Poly, but not so great for opponents.