Roger Huerta's Comments Are Understandable

Jaime MorenoCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

For some reason, Roger Huerta's comments in this month's issue of Fight! have been somewhat looked down upon. He stated that fighting in the UFC was not a No. 1 priority and that he feels that the UFC should pay their fighters better.

I personally agree with him, and I don't get why people are upset at him for saying it. 

What fighters do is more than what I, or most of us fans, are able or willing to do. Every fight could truly be their last, and if a fighter feels that their contract is not where they feel it should be, then they should speak their mind. 

In the article, he stated that he was being compensated $50 per diem to travel around the world as a sort of spokesman for the UFC international. He is the face of the UFC in Mexico and most Spanish specking countries that the UFC is currently trying to enter into.  He deserves to get more than his $19k per fight. 

The truly sad part is that there are even bigger-named fighters getting paid less than him. I know the argument that most, if not all, fighters have sponsors, but the per-fight numbers should be higher. And I'm sorry people, but he, and everyone else that wants to complain, has that right.