If The WWE and TNA Suck, Give The Independent Wrestling Companies a Try!

L. KeithContributor IIAugust 13, 2010

Hello B/R faithful. This article is not to bash or talk bad about any wrestling promotion, but rather give the IWC an alternative. Many articles are written about how the WWE product lacks quality and how TNA is just all around bad. With all the complaints about the 2 companies, makes you think, then why watch wrestling? If the shows are that bad, then watch something else on television. However, everyone on this page is a fan of wrestling, or at least a fan of the WWE or TNA. I am a fan of ALL wrestling promotions and I think that if alot of the WWE and TNA fans would give the independent wrestling companies a chance, they would be surprised at how good it is.

Now, if you like backstage segments, guest host, terrible comedy skits, over usage of blood, well past their prime wrestlers claiming the limelight, then the indy's are not for you. The great thing about the indy's is that each company has something for everyone. CZW which stands for Combat Zone Wrestling is a company based in Philadelphia and they are a bunch of crazy individuals. Hardcore wrestling at it's finest is what they offer fans. CHIKARA is a company that is a little more family oriented. They have off the wall characters, but great talent that entertain without blood, profanity, just wrestling and comedy mixed in. ROH could be considered the WWE of the independent circuit. Some of the top stars in the WWE and TNA have competed for ROH. The list of names are as followed: CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Evan Bourne, Desmond Wolfe, Kaval, who was the very first ROH champion, Bryan Danielson, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Hernandez, Homicide, Jay Lethal and Christopher Daniels.

And the names from ROH that people know of are Tyler Black(signed to a developmental deal with the WWE) Davey Richards, Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards, Claudio Castignoli, Austin Aries, Kenney King, the Briscoe Brothers, and many others who can be stars in either the WWE or TNA.

   The indys don't have pyro, or titan trons. They don't wrestle in arenas. But what they do is WRESTLE! Don't get me wrong, just like in the WWE and TNA, they too botch moves and some of the wrestlers are lackluster, to say the least, but the atmosphere of an independent show is unreal. The fans will let you know if you indeed suck, or if the match is truly awesome! The interaction between the fans and wrestlers is great. After my first live ROH show in Philly, I met AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe and Christopher Daniels. They were great to talk to and I have pictures with Joe and Styles and I got Wolfes autograph. They appreciated the fact that myself and the other fans came out to see them perform that night and that's why I love going to the shows.

Indys give the fans a little something extra that the WWE and TNA don't give. Maybe it's because they truly do want the fans to watch them and tell people on blogs or in conversations what they witnessed. I feel if you are a "true" fan of professional wrestling, then watch an indy show, or watch wrestling from Japan. They really put on great shows. All wrestlers make their start somewhere. None of the IWC favorites came into the WWE or TNA and became WWE or TNA World champions overnight. I love the indys and I am happy for guys like Tyler Black, who the WWE have been wanting to sign for a while. We all work to make money, and a wrestlers dream, I'm sure, is to perform on a national stage like the WWE or TNA. On a personal note, the Briscoe Brothers, who are my favorite tag team, will more than likely be signing with either the WWE or TNA in the near future. I wish both Jay and Mark all the best and much success in either company. They are a great team and could make either companies tag team division much better.

 I implore the fans of the WWE ,TNA, and wrestling in general, the next time you are bored with what you are watching, go to your computer, and instead of writing an article about how bad the shows were, youtube some ROH, CZW, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA. Forget about promos, pyros, backstage segments and just watch a match. I'm sure you may be surprised about how good the wrestling really is. Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Consider that the wrestling program you were watching wasn't giving you the wrestling satisfaction that you were hoping for, so give the indys a chance. You never know, you could be watching a future WWE or TNA World champion.  I'm just saying. Thanks for the reads.