The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A Look at the Whole TNA Show!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 13, 2010

After last week’s TNA I was a bit nervous that TNA would screw the pooch again this week. I can safely say that they redeemed themselves greatly this week. I honestly have no major complaints. Every match was solid from beginning to end last night. I do have a couple of minor complaints, though.


The Good

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

Now this is how you open a wrestling show. These two have had some classic battles in the past. I wouldn’t rank this one as a classic, but they did a solid job and got the crowd hot. It was a back and forth bout that left you wondering if Angle was going to pull it out at times.

Of course we all knew Angle was going to win. After all, how would they continue his storyline climb to the top? I’m sure we will see Angle the champion within the next two to three months. I know some think his bouts are predictable; to those I say they're not any less predictable than the MCMG feud.


Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Say what you will, but this feud has kept the knockouts division alive. I wish this match would have gone a little longer. That said, they did make do the best they could with what time they had. We would also get another visit from the unknown biker chick. This time, she would cost Rayne the title.

If I was a betting man, I would say that the mystery woman might be Tara. It would be preferable if it was someone new to add to the roster, but Tara returning would also be nice. I hope going forward we see some new feuds. A Hamada or Wilde feud would be entertaining to see.



Jeff Hardy vs. Shannon Moore

This was a great match to say the least. Hardy and Moore have a long past together and it really added to the match. Both knew each other well so the bout was very smooth. I was hoping that Jeff would do the job and really boost Shannon’s status, but it was not to be.

That doesn’t change the fact that these two put on one heck of an entertaining match. Who knows, maybe Shannon turns heel and we get to see more of this action. Considering what a great job both did in this one it wouldn’t shock me. Hats off for putting on an almost classic together at a moment’s notice!


MCMG vs. Beer Money: Two Out of Three Falls

Wow. That is the only term I can think to describe this match.

WWE should record this one and put it in their instruction manual on how to wrestle a tag match. These four men gave us 150 percent, and should probably win tag match of the year. Both teams would get all their signature offense in and more.

Out of the five matches we had, I think this one was the best. This best-of-five series can easily be thrown up in the ranks of other classic “best of bouts.” The only question now is where they go from here. I think it is time to start feuding with some of the other talented teams TNA has to offer.


RVD vs. Abyss

When it comes to Abyss’s wrestling style, you only have a couple of choices: hardcore and hardcore. In this bout we would see tacks, glass, barbwire, chairs, and more. We wouldn’t get to see Janice come into play, but I agree with Tazz when he said that may be a good thing.

Anyone willing to take a shot from that sick-looking weapon would be insane. It wasn’t all hardcore though. This is due in large part to RVD; he did some really cool stuff in this bout. When he took that head shot after falling from the ladder, I thought he was done.

I do honestly think thatRVD was hurt after that fall. That just shows how much heart RVD has. He always gives 100 percent in every match. If last night doesn’t prove that he is a worthy champion, nothing will.


The Bad

No X Division Title Defense

It amazes me how badly

TNA treats this division. They pump it up at when it is convenient, but seem to forget about it at a moment’s notice. Then they wonder why no one respects this title anymore. You have a great wrestler like Doug Williams, yet he is nowhere on this card.

They could have taken out the Matt Morgan, Pope, and Anderson match, and replaced it with a solid X Division title defense. This is probably one of my biggest concerns when it comes to TNA. With a division like this one they could easily up their product. Instead they choose to throw it away week after week.


The Ugly

Sorry, folks, I have nothing that I can justify to throw into this category.

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