Ring Rap With Matt: Dreamer Update, Carlito Talks PG, Lance, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 15, 2010

It seems there has been a ton of news to shoot out of the pipes lately. A lot of it is the same old same old, but I found a couple of interesting tidbits to report. Tommy Dreamer, who has been rumored by many sources to start writing for TNA, cleared the air. Also, we got a nice update on the whereabouts of Carlito.


Dreamer talks about his future

In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, Tommy Dreamer answered a few questions that might have been looming on some fans' minds. He was asked about writing for TNA, and future ECW reunion shows. From what it sounded like, he will not be writing for TNA in the near future.

It also sounds like he will honor his word and not put together another reunion show. Here are some of his comments on the matters at hand.

Tommy Dreamer says he will honor his stipulations about never doing another ECW nostalgia show and never wrestling Raven again. When he was asked if he'd be taking over the head writer role, Dreamer replied: "It's great, but I also don't know if I want that job. During the last few weeks, putting Hardcore Justice together, my bald spot has got bigger. I just want to come in and help in any way possible. If that means writing, I would love to write some day."


Carlito speaks about his realease, Lance Cade, and the PG era

Carlito was one of the many casualtys of the WWE chopping block. He recently updated what's going on and how he feels about the WWE on his Twitter page. He was very honest and open on many subjects. I always felt he was misused while in the WWE. I hope that we see him again in the near future in the bigs.


Carlito on the PG era

"I'm wondering as fans, were any of u disappointed when the divas came out in those granny suits? I get the whole going PG thing, but WTF? Since when is a bikini not PG? Oh, and BTW all u girls looked gr8 in the granny suits...just sayin! My point is, u wanna go PG fine. But that doesn't mean wrestling has 2 be lame and cookie cutter! Make it fun again! PG from a business standpoint is actually smart. Vince is not stupid! I'm just sayin that they go a lil overboard with it at times. Sure they might b losing fans, but by being PG the big corporations are less afraid of sponsoring them, and they bring in the big $! Plus, the kids are more likely to buy the toys and merch...and we all know, if mommy approves, its all good!"


Carlito on Vince being stupid for him being fired

"no, vince was right 2 let me go...and I was very happy 2 go!"


Carlito on Lance Cade

"Lance cade paced away, damn! He was a good dude! RIP! So sad! I hate 2 say it but I think it was from an overdose!...I apologize for speculating that it might have been an overdose. Lance had taken steps to better his life. People forget that u can also Have heart complications when u stop using. Anyway, Lance was a good dude and will be missed!"


 Carlito on SummerSlam

 "am I gonna watch summerslam, no...but I hope its a good show!"


Carlito on his last couple of years

"I appreciate all the love people! I can't believe I still have fans! Let's face it my character was pretty lame for the past couple of years. Thanks 4 sticking by me! It really broke my heart having 2 walk through that curtain knowing the crap I had 2 go out there and do! Lol, I'm not down on myself! I'm just calling it like I saw it. For the past 2 or 3 years Carlito was lame! hey, its totally my fault I got fired! When u walk around with an I don't give a f*»? attitude, its bound to happen!"

Carlito on various subjucts

On who came up with the Hornswaggle hole-in-the-wall skit

"lol, that's was more of a punishment bc I had asked 2 quit at that point."

On Bryan Danielson's firing

"I can't really speak on that bc I don't know. It seems to me that something shady happened there. He seemed like a good kid 2 me"

On going back to WWE

"I'd go back anytime...but if they're not gonna use me right, I refuse to go back!"

On WWE pushing Sheamus over talented wrestlers

"I agree...but I have 2 disagree with u about sheamus. At 1st I wasn't 2 fond of him, but I believe he's stepped up his game!"

Carlito on his future plans

"I don't know what my plans are yet. I'm gonna b doing different things, just want 2 have fun again! I'm in no hurry, Carlito saved his $!"

"I'm not sure. I think it's a year with rollovers, you know, if we're both happy. It's definitely a year, it's not any shorter than that. But it's something that we both want to work together and we both agree that if we don't get along or Dixie and I two or three weeks into this thing, if she goes, 'Hogan, how come you're letting the Martians wrestle the elephants? That's not what we want.' We agree to disagree and we've made that real clear that if they don't like the direction I'm going in, or if they can't handle the change or that they think I'm wrong, that I'll just walk away, or whatever you want to call it, they'll fire me or I'll quit or whatever. We wanted to have this flexibility because I wanted to do a lot different stuff, brother. I mean, I've been watching TNA and they got a ton of talent there and they do a lot of things right, and I'm not trying to compete with Vince, or I'm not trying to hurT Vince McMahon, but I just want to put out a better product than he does."

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