Cowboys Stadium Cursed!

Steve DuranContributor IAugust 15, 2010

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 8: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looks on before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals during the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett Stadium on August 8, 2010 in Canton, Ohio. The Cowboys defeated the Bengals 16-7. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Was it 34 construction crew deaths before they officially stopped reporting the number? Or could it be because of the neighborhoods bull-dosed for greed?  Or maybe it was the thousands of people that grew up in those neighborhoods effected because their family's home was claimed against their will?

Yes, these events will effect Jerry's Karma forever, and I wouldn't want to be Jerry on a future Christmas Eve. 

No, the real problem is Jerry just keeps adding to his long, long, long list of self centered, money is almighty, I'm going to die with the most toys, way of leading his life.

I never planned on going to the new Cowboys Stadium, but the NFL scheduled a Thanksgiving game last year and a Pre-Season game this year against the Oakland Raiders.

Even being blessed with fairly good health and an ability to provide well for my family, I couldn't give Jerry $2800.00 for three tickets to see the Raiders on Thanksgiving.  The sacrifice was easy.  Two new 55 inch LCD Flat-screen TV's or donate to Jerry?  A new Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator or line Jerry's pockets? 

This year I was again on Ticketmaster's list and when I was given the notification for single game tickets they again wanted crazy money for nosebleed section seats.

Several weeks later I checked back and did find four tickets on the goal line, row two, field level.  With Ticket Master fees they cost $488.06.  Not a bargain on anybodies scale, especially when you consider it was a pre-season game.

OK, so at this point, I felt Jerry and I were on a first name basis, based on the hand that just removed money out of my left pocket.

At this point you would think it couldn't get worst?  Try $60.00 for parking.  Try $8.50 for a beer and it's not even good beer.  You are forced to drink Miller Lite or MGD period.  That's it, really?  You are confined for over three hours and that is your only selection of beer!  I'm sorry, I couldn't force one of those beer's down if my life depended on it.  It's actually so bad I couldn't get my wife to drink one either. 

We did try the $30.00 for two Margarita's.  They were pure sugar.  I poured over half mine out and my wife got slightly further down before she also gave up trying to actually drink it.

I bought a $5.00 bottle of water for myself, (the best deal of the day), and would have been content, except during Half Time we discovered a bar outside that sold mixed drinks for $12.00 and my wife gave in and bought herself a Miller Lite for $8.50.

My 13 year old Daughter just got her braces the previous week, so she was restricting herself to water.  My oldest Daughters Husband is more level headed and practical than myself and also only drank water.

So instead of us going to the game and having a great story to tell, all I can do is warn as many people as I can to stay away.

Now let's discuss how serious this issue really is.  I'm the guy that bought two field level, twenty yard line, season tickets to the Broncos, just so I would have great seats to see the Raiders once a year.  If I'm the guy that can justify two season tickets for one game, how ridicules is it Jerry has me priced out for a single game?

I believe it's true, the stadium has a curse, but the bigger curse is Jerry Jones on the NFL.  He changed the economic model for all the teams with this stadium.  It's a fact, their were almost no children at the game.

When I grew up, I went to Raider games, 49er games and Charger games.  It was a family event: Dad, Mom and one or two children.  It is frighting to think the Owners of the other teams are willing to allow Jerry to forfeit the future of the sport for his single-minded greed.