TNA Isn't Ready For Paul Heyman?

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 16, 2010

Recently, many old ECW fans have been obsessed with the possibility of Paul Heyman joining TNA.

Well, nothing ever came of the talks as recently, Heyman did an interview with MMA Hour Live and said, "They're not ready for ready for me. They're not there yet. I kind of have self justified my own interest in TNA as a network of stock and ownership. I left pro wrestling in December 2006, and I haven't done one shoot DVD, one convention appearance, one cameo. I haven't done anything on wrestling."

Heyman claimed Dixie Carter has reached out to him many times but never took the offers seriously until he offered ownership and stock.

Heyman wanted long-term ideas but only considered short-term solutions. The age of their talent also was a conflict with Heyman.

"If you were over 40, I'd chop your head off; I want guys in their prime, guys I could shape and mold."

Heyman believes TNA's focus is on older stars like Hogan and Flair and instead of having them feature older guys in the main event, they should have promoted the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money as the main event.

He said the ending of TNA Impact should not have revolved around Hogan thanking ECW guys in their forties being attacked by guys led by Ric Flair in his sixties.