WWE: A Taste of Fresh Gold as WWE's Changes Continue

Bryan VelosoContributor IAugust 17, 2010

While "writing myself silly" would summarize the last 24 hours, we're going to revisit the subtle and not-so subtle changes that have been starting to grace the promotion.

Ever since the rumors surrounding a new identity package for the company and the looming 900th episode of Monday Night RAW fast approaching, what we've seen is only the tip of what could be a fairly large iceberg. Three of the more noticeable changes will be reviewed here.

Now before we begin, we're going to be staying on very objective grounds. Sure, it would be easy to bring up the Nexus as an argument for the changes surrounding the WWE, but that leans more on the subjective side and doesn't really contribute to the argument.

The TitanTron

The TitanTron has been a staple of WWE ever since before the Attitude Era. Many of us could never see the company without it. Take a look at clips of WrestleMania 13 versus ones from WrestleMania 26 and you'll see what I mean. A little over two years ago, the sets from each of the brands converged and started to share the same TitanTron.

Last night at SummerSlam, the WWE debuted a new, edgeless TitanTron. Take a look at past RAW and SmackDown episodes and you'll notice the difference—the old TitanTrons all had a border around them.

The other striking difference is the clarity in the new screens. Seeing it in person at SummerSlam definitely drove the point home that this new screen was one of the largest of its kind with that level of clarity.

Whether they'll be using this during SmackDown is left to be seen, but nonetheless, the WWE invested quite a few pennies to score this new equipment.

The Unification Possibilities

In last night's article, another seemingly interesting change was the fact that we had multiple inter-brand interactions last night.

Shaemus and Kane; the Nexus beating down Kofi Kingston; and the current Co-Women's Champions, LayCool, coming out to "congratulate" the newly crowned Diva's Champion, Melina.

The possibility of a unification of the diva gold started buzzing through the community and I'll take this opportunity to link and quote a much better explanation on the matter from fellow correspondent Christi Lott:

"Let's face it, since the creation of the Divas Championship on Smackdown, it's still considered a pretty meaningless title. Being the Divas Champion has done nothing to really boost the importance of it nor the status of the one who carries it..i.e. the ECW Championship belt. The titles together puts focus on one person, one champion, because unlike the men, that's all the Divas can have going for them."

Whether this is the only unification that could possibly happen is, again, yet to be seen. But the interactions between champions of both brands leaves much to be speculated about—and the next point only drives that home even further.

The New WWE Tag Team Championship Belts

The more glaring change couldn't was only made moreso because of the fact that it was the only segment of tonight's episode of RAW that wasn't directly related to the Nexus.

Tonight's guests hosts called down the Unified Tag Team Champions, the Hart Dynasty, only to be interrupted by the "something cool's about to happen" sound of the RAW's Anonymous GM's call.

Then, yet another begrudgingly useful moment from Michael Cole revealed that the GM would be stripping Natalya of her duties as extra belt carrier.

In what only seemed like a downgrade, the Unified Tag Team Championships would become the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Gold then became a very interesting shade of bronze as Bret Hart was introduced, carrying the new titles on his shoulders.

As of this writing, there are no close up shots of the new belts, but the design is certainly a modern twist to the much loved circular belt design, now adorned with two spartan helmets.

(UPDATE: Ken Drabek was able to find an image of a toy replica of the new belts. The color and worn-nature of the belts in the article's picture isn't accurate, but you do get a very good look at the design itself. Thanks Ken!)

One of the first thoughts that struck after hearing about the potential identity refresh was speculation about how they would redesign the belts.

This is only the first step in what could be a complete refresh of the promotion's gold. The days of the spinner belt are coming to a close.

So much of what was said in last night's introduction to SummerSlam has held true. Change is coming and it's coming in more ways than we think.

There's still a lot to be excited about and as a designer-by-day, this is certainly one of the more interesting bits for me and you'll only see this type of commentary here on the Bleacher Report.