Women's Golf is Fun to Watch

J Pat DyerAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

I think women's golf is fun to watch. It is a sport with many beautiful women. Anytime you can combine great looking females and sports, you have a viewer-friendly show.

Recently, I have had several people criticize my thoughts. They say golf is not about all the pretty faces and that people like me shouldn't watch the sport.

They say people like me treat it as a beauty pageant and it is not. It is a sport with talented athletes. It doesn't rely on looks to get viewers like women's tennis does.

First of all, I agree completely. Women's golf is full of talented athletes. What Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis can do with a club is impressive. What they can do with a short skirt is also spectacular.

I don't understand why I can't watch women's golf and appreciate the beauty of the play and the beauty of the players. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I began to wonder if I am the first person to notice many women golfers are as pretty as movie stars. Maybe I was demeaning the sport by not only watching Paula Creamer drive the ball but also watching her walk after it.

So I decided to see if I was crazy and everyone else is watching ladies golf for pure sport.

I decided to use Google as a measuring stick. Not a perfect instrument but a gauge nonetheless.

I looked up how many people searched for the current top golfer, Lorena Ochoa. I compared her searches with how many people searched for who I consider the greatest female golfer of our time, Annika Sorenstam.

I found, twice as many people searched for Ochoa as they did Sorenstam. I expected those results. Ochoa is playing better right now. Lorena has six wins this year, compared to Annika's three. I saw searches tended to go up on the week the player won.

So maybe beauty has nothing to do with golf, and I am as people have said: crazy. Lorena Ochoa has twice as many victories and she gets searched twice as much. Skill is what makes a golfer popular.

Then I thought, let's look at how Paula Creamer compares to those two. Creamer also has three tour wins this year, so her numbers should be close to Annika Sorenstam. They aren't!

Paula Creamer gets searched three times as much this year as Annika Sorenstam and 50 percent more than Ochoa. mmm? So I am not the only one that would like to search Paula Creamer.

Could it be because Paula Creamer is a hottie?

So to prove or disprove the hottie factor, I looked up Anna Rawson. She is a rookie with no wins on the tour. She doesn't even have an exemption. She is, however, very pretty.

If people are interested in women's golf as purely a sport, she should have very little search traffic compared to Sorenstam, Creamer and Ochoa.

Anna Rawson gets less than half the traffic Paula Creamer gets and 35 percent less traffic this year than Ochoa. However, she gets 30 percent more traffic than Sorenstam!

I think this again lends proof that I am not the only man (person) who enjoys nice legs in golf shorts.

Sure, it doesn't absolutely prove anything but it hints that I am not alone.

So before I was done, just for fun, I decided to run Natalie Gulbis up the flagpole and see how she searches. Natale is a young blonde hottie who plays well, but is nowhere in the class yet of Ochoa, Sorenstam, or Creamer as a golfer.

Natalie, with her one tour win, gets almost five times more searches than Annika Sorenstam. She gets just short of two and a half more than Ochoa. She triples Rawson and even gets 63 percent more traffic than Paula Creamer.

You don't suppose it's because she plays pretty decent, plus has a swimsuit calendar?

No that cannot be it. I am the only man who dares to notice the beauty of Creamer, Rawson or Gulbis.

So let's recap.

If I were to rank the top five players by golf accomplishments I would say;

  1. Annika Sorenstam
  2. Lorena Ochoa
  3. Paula Creamer
  4. Natalie Gulbis
  5. Anna Rawson

If I was to rank them by my opinion of their looks;

  1. Paula Creamer
  2. Natalie Gulbis
  3. Anna Rawson
  4. Lorena Ochoa
  5. Annika Sorenstam

Now granted that is only my opinion.

Now lets rank them by Google searches;

  1. Natalie Gulbis
  2. Paula Creamer
  3. Lorena Ochoa
  4. Anna Rawson
  5. Annika Sorenstam

It seems maybe there are a few of us who like women's golf for both the thrill of sport and the visual beauty of the players.

This is especially true if you consider I tend to lean towards blondes and Ochoa probably did worse on my looks list because of her dark hair and eyes than she would on someone else's.

This was far from a controlled experiment and doesn't absolutely prove anything, except for maybe I am not the only man in the world who appreciates the iron play of Paula Creamer and the way she looks in her tight white pants.

I know this makes men pigs because women would never like Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Kasey Kahne because of the way they look in a race suit.

Women pick their athletes, I am sure, purely by the way they perform.

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