The Miz: No Longer The Future?

Alex Waller@!/AlexCWallerContributor IIAugust 19, 2010


Greetings guys, this is my first article; so by all means give me all the undivided attention and constructive criticism you can muster.


This article revolves around one performer who many consider to be the future of Monday Night’s. The current WWE United States Champion and winner of The Raw Money in the Bank ladder match. The Cleveland Screamer himself. Of course, it is The Miz!


Many people believe ever since his successful triumph at the MITB PPV, that he is destined to reach the stars but some people see him as a disastrous choice due to his inferior ring skills compared to the likes of Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and even his ex “Dirt Sheet” partner in crime, John Morrison.


On the WWE website, Raw section, there was a poll. The poll stated “The night after SummerSlam, which Superstar will return to Raw as WWE Champion?” The answers were Sheamus, Randy Orton or The Miz. This struck me as slightly odd. The Miz has only just started to sneak out of mid card ever since his disastrous showing against John Cena at The Bash last year. (This was a result of bad booking and unconvincing story telling, not actually The Cleveland Screamer’s lack of performance). But now, The Miz is mentioned among the ranks alongside major face Randy Orton and WWE Champion, Sheamus.


Is The Miz the future?




The Miz is the present.


Like it or not, The Miz is a top dog now barking at the WWE Universe every week and gaining sufficient heat in the process. This heat isn’t normal though, it is far from your modern radiator more like your Grandfather’s fireplace, surging warmth that turns the warm people hot with rage and turns the cold people into beaming smiles on their Chevy Chases, Just like the days of old where we didn’t have modern radiators to keep us mindlessly unaware of the weather. These were the days when Ric Flair, Harley Race and Andre the Giant roamed the Wrestling world. This heat made people buy tickets and turn men into legends.


WWE are convinced they have found the next anti hero in Randy Orton and they are probably right, he sells tickets. TNA’s anti hero is Mr. Anderson which is slowly working out for them even though they have ruined a possibly entertaining feud in Anderson vs. Pope by throwing a Matt Morgan in there which, no offense to Morgan who I believe is good at what he does, doesn’t really work.


Why not give Cena vs. Miz 2 a try in the near future where The Miz wins and recreates the art of unfair finishes by reintroducing a Triple H mid 2002 to mid 2005 like way of keeping the title while gaining credibility as a champion. (I assume Cena will be champ again very soon as much as I assume it may rain sometime in the future). Throw in a manager for the Miz that can provide weapons for The Miz to beat his opponents with and make sure he or she complements The Miz’s microphone skills. Hell, you could make him “Lie Cheat and Steal” as long as he get’s over with the crowd. That is if he wants to be further personified as a heel.


A face turn wouldn’t be bad either, which could be easily done if he does beat Cena for the title.


The Miz is a lump of clay right now and also a main eventer.


A final minor transformation could elevate the Miz as the epitome of WWE.


World Wrestling Entertainment.


Alex Waller