A Rational Explanation As to Why SEC Fans Are So Obnoxious.

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

TUSCALOOSA, AL - APRIL 17: Tight end Preston Dial #85 of the Alabama Crimson Tide catches a pass during the Alabama spring game at Bryant Denny Stadium on April 17, 2010 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably pretty aware that the SEC has owned college football over the last few years.

If you haven’t heard that, there are plenty of SEC fans out there who would be more than happy to elaborate. 
Nobody outside the SEC has won the National Championship since 2005, when Texas beat USC in that classic matchup.  Since then it’s been all SEC. 

Both Oklahoma and Texas gave the SEC a run for their money, but Oklahoma couldn’t overcome Florida’s home field advantage and Texas had no chance when Colt McCoy went down.
Back in 2007, I was in San Antonio to watch Oklahoma play Missouri in the Big 12 championship game.

Before that game I went up to my seat. There were 13 of us, but at this particular moment it was just my friend and I. While we were sitting there a row of Missouri fans right behind us began to heckle and say obnoxious things about OU. They weren’t doing this before we sat down; they only started when they saw us.
We sat there for a moment listening to the smack they were running. So I turned to my friend and said, “You can tell they’ve never been here before; they don’t know how to act.” 

After that I didn’t hear another obnoxious word from them the rest of the night, and of course they were gone by the third quarter anyway.
That encounter reminds me of today’s SEC fan. Is there anything more annoying than the Razorback fan running their mouth about that conference when they have yet to bring home even one BCS dollar? 

I only use Arkansas as an example, but I’m sure you see my point.
Those of you who have been following college football for more than 10 years know that it wasn’t so long ago that the SEC enjoyed the same status as the MWC. Alabama is the only school in the SEC of major historical significance. 
Florida is a “Johnny come lately” program.

It’s my contention that if the crime rate wasn’t so high in Miami, parents would feel better about letting their kids go to school there. However the crime rate is what it is, so kids will go to Gainesville instead these days even though Miami is the most successful program in that State followed closely by FSU. 

In Florida's defense, it is building a nice program, but it is definitely still in neophyte status.
LSU is in the same category as Florida.

The Tigers have never been very relevant in college football until the last few years. They also benefited from winning one of their championships in what amounted to a home game for them. They also backed their way in after being beaten at home by an unranked Arkansas team.
Tennessee has a nice program and has done some nice things. Because of this, like Alabama fans, they don’t have to go around beating their chest about how good they are.
Georgia has a nice history as well, but only one title. 

Most Georgia fans also are unaware that their championship was won for them more than anything else. They had won their Sugar Bowl game earlier in the day back in ’81, but were ranked No. 2 behind Florida State. 

Florida State was No. 1 and playing No. 4 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl that evening.  When Barry Switzer pulled of that Sooner Magic for the 18-17 win, Georgia got their one and only. You’d think a little more gratitude would be in order.
What it comes down to is the SEC is new to this "dominating the college football scene" thing. It is something that the Pac-10, Big Ten, Big 8/Big 12/SWC are a little more familiar with; hence, they know how to act.  One would think after 75 years they would settle down a little and realize that winning is cyclical, and their reign won’t last forever.

Far be it from me to come in here and write an article like this without backing it up with some numbers. 

I only went back to the end of WWII, which is most commonly referred to the "modern era." SEC fans shouldn't have a problem with going back only 65 years since their conference is about 75 years, and Notre Dame was winning everything before that anyway.

There's not a whole lot of SEC representation on these lists. Settle down SEC fan, you guys are doing great! Remember, act like you've been there!

Victories, 1945-

 1. Oklahoma         560
 2. Texas               536
 3. Alabama           535
 4. Penn State        530
 5. Ohio State        523
 6. Nebraska          520
 7. Southern Cal     508
 8. Michigan           505
 9.  Tennessee        505
 10. Notre Dame     490

 Winning Percentage, 1945-

 1. Oklahoma         .7573 (560-175-13)
 2. Ohio State        .7485 (523-169-20)
 3. Penn State        .7362 (530-187-9)
 4. Texas               .7258 (536-199-11)
 5. Michigan           .7157 (505-196-15)
 6. Alabama           .7152 (535-207-20)
 7. Southern Cal     .7001 (508-211-23)
 8. Nebraska          .7000 (520-220-10)
 9. Tennessee        .6905 (505-220-23)
 10. Notre Dame     .6912 (490-215-14)

 Weeks Ranked No. 1 in AP Poll

 1. Oklahoma          97
 2. Notre Dame       95
 3. Ohio State         93
 4. Southern Cal      90
 5. Nebraska           70
 6. Miami (Fla.)       68
 7. Florida State      60
 8. Texas                45
 9. Florida              41
 10. Alabama         39

 Weeks Ranked Top 5 in AP Poll

 1. Oklahoma          370
 2. Ohio State         302
 3. Nebraska           295
 4. Notre Dame       277
 5. Michigan            273
 6. Southern Cal      273
 7. Alabama            270
 8. Texas                265
 9. Florida State      206
 10. Miami (Fla.)     202

 Weeks Ranked No. 1 in BCS

 1. Oklahoma        19
 2. Ohio State       15
 3. USC                15
 4. Florida             7
  5. Florida State   7
  6. Miami (Fla.)    7
 7. Alabama          6
 8. Nebraska         5
  9. Tennessee      5
 10. Texas           3

 Weeks Ranked Top 5 in BCS

 1. Oklahoma         45
 2. USC                 37
 3. Texas               36
 4. Florida             34
 5. Ohio State       33
 6. Miami (Fla.)      30
 7. Florida State    25
 8. Alabama          21
 9. Virginia Tech    20
 10. LSU              17

 Consensus All-Americans, 1945-

 1. Oklahoma         72
 2. Notre Dame      69
 3. Southern Cal     66
 4. Ohio State        62
 5. Texas               53
 6. Michigan          48
 7. Nebraska         48
 8. UCLA              38
 9. Miami             35
 10. Penn State    34

 Unanimous All-Americans (All-Time)

 1. Oklahoma        31
 2. Notre Dame     31
 3. Ohio State       29
 4. Southern Cal   26
 5. Michigan         25
 6. Texas             22
 7. Nebraska        20
 8. Alabama         18
 9. Miami             15
 10. Pittsburgh     13

 AP National Titles (Last)

 1. Notre Dame       8 (1988)
 2. Oklahoma          7 (2000)
 3. Alabama           7 (2009)
 4. Miami               5 (2001)
 5. Southern Cal     5 (2004)
 6. Minnesota         4 (1960)
 7. Nebraska          4 (1995)
 8. Ohio State        4 (2002)
 9. Florida              3 (2008)
 10. Texas              3 (2005)

 NCAA-Recognized Titles, 1945-

1. Oklahoma           16
2. Notre Dame        13
3. Alabama             12
4. Ohio State          12
5. Southern Cal      12
6. Nebraska           11
7. Miami                 9
8. Texas                 7
9. Florida State       7
10. Michigan           6
     Michigan State   6

Source—NCAA Record Book


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