Create-A-PPV: WWE vs. TNA: "No Regrets"

Ellixs TulaganContributor IAugust 20, 2010

Chris Mueller AKA the Dude (appropriately named by the way), basically said it himself.

“There are always matches that turn people off or bad angles and storylines that end up leading nowhere.

I myself have griped plenty about the lack of originality in the recent PPV events. So I thought to myself "Why not see what kind of PPV people really want to see."

My creativity will either be praised or question in these upcoming sentences, as I do not watch TNA on a regular basis, but after almost two days of coming up with these matches, I think I'll come up with the best PPV.

So, here it is.

Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Tazz, and JOEY STYLES.

@ The Legendary Madison Square Garden


MATCH ONE: Douglas Williams Vs. Brian Kendrick Vs. Amazing Red Vs. Evan Bourne Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Yoshi Tatsu in an Elevation X Match

The "Elevation X" Match is a favorite in TNA's X-Division, which two scaffolds placed above the ring intersecting to form an "X", with the only way to lose being to fall from the structure.

This match will start off the show and determine ultimately, who the top high-flyer is in sports entertainment today. The WWE superstars will have a disadvantage, as they have never participated in a match like this, and TNA will have a slight advantage going in.

This is Brian Kendrick's first match related to WWE since his release in July of 2009, and just by that statement, I could see a very determined Brian Kendrick pulling off the win and making Vince McMahon regret his release.


MATCH TWO: Daniel Bryan Vs. Desmond Wolfe in A Submission Match

This match will occur just after a electrifying and action-filled delight put on by six of the greatest high-flyers with their respective companies today; Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson will be taking on Desmond Wolfe aka Nigel McGuiness in a Submission Match.

This match will take place with Daniel Bryan stating that before he joined WWE that he was travelling all around the world in the "Minor Leagues" (Michael Cole reference there) and there was one opponent he had great matchups in, but when he went to join NXT 1, he had to leave his friend behind.

That friend was Desmond Wolfe, who soon joined TNA, and both cutting promos of how they both wanted to meet up in the ring once again.

With the TNA vs. WWE PPV happening, we will witness a true wrestling junkies' dream, with two of the greatest technical wrestlers grapple in the ring. 

This will likely end with Bryan submitting Wolfe with his Crossface-like move, and in the end both shaking hands at the end of this match.


MATCH THREE: Motor City Machine Guns Vs. The Hart Dynasty Vs. Beer Money Vs. Team 3D in A Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Unified Tag Team Championships

This match will definitely be contesting the Elevation X Match for Match of The Night Honors with the only tag team battle of the night.

The match will be a Falls Count Anywhere match, meaning the referees will be on their hands, as Pinfalls and Submissions count ANYWHERE.

The young, highflying athleticism of the MCMG, the technical skills of the Hart Dynasty, the un-orthodox methods of Beer Money, and Team 3D's experience and hardcore skills will all be tested.

The key of this match is to dominate your opponent quickly, as you will likely not know how quick a match like this can end. So, with that being said, I will see the experience and brutal TEAM 3D coming out as the winner in the end.

The MCMG and BEER Money will have their moments in this match, along with the Hart Dynasty, but Team 3D is the way to go.


MATCH FOUR: Chris Jericho Vs. Kurt Angle in a Loser Leaves Company Match

The fourth match of the night will be "Y2J" Chris Jericho taking on Kurt Angle in a Loser Leaves Company match.

Jericho's contract with WWE ends this fall and has publicly stated that he has not been offered a renewal and wants to have a tour with his music group, Fozzy.

Meanwhile, Angle just said a few weeks ago if he lost his way on the TNA rankings, he would retire from professional wrestling all together. He has not lost his spot in the rankings yet, but him retiring is still a possibility, with him being 41 years old.

This is a great match scenario, with both wrestlers claiming to be the best in the world at what they do. They have both dedicated their life to the business and this could be an excellent swansong to Jericho's career.

Some may start contesting this, but with Kurt Angle still very much in contention for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and Jericho putting over Nexus and Evan Bourne, it actually kind of pains me to say this, but I think Jericho should actually leave WWE forever, if he is not utilized properly in the WWE.

Jericho still has that awareness in the ring, so I could see Jericho coming back to WWE as a face. So, if this match was to happen in real life, I would say that Angle would win.


MATCH FIVE: Undertaker Vs. Kane Vs. Mick Foley Vs. Rob Terry Vs. Abyss Vs. Triple H in a 6-Man Hell in A Cell

The fifth match of the night will be a Six-Man HIAC. The match will feature three innovators of the match, The Undertaker, Kane, and Triple HHH; Abyss, along with my personal favorite TNA superstar, Rob Terry will also be participating.

Undertaker has participated in a record 10 HIAC matches, Kane in two, Foley in three, and HHH with eight. 

Abyss and Rob Terry have not participated in one, but when you look at both men, you can tell they can be a devastating force in and possibly out of the structure.

Foley will look to avenge his 1998 loss to the Undertaker, arguably one of the fiercest battles ever in the history of WWF/E. Who could ever forget Foley falling off the structure onto an announce table, and falling THROUGH the cage.

Undertaker, HHH, and Kane's experience will be tested and this will definitely be the most devastating match of the night. Abyss and Rob Terry's inexperience will be a fault of theirs, but their brutality is unquestioned.

There's no telling what will happen in this match, but don't be surprised to see at least half of the men bloodied. But in the end, I see Rob Terry coming out on top.


MATCH SIX: Mr. Anderson Vs. Randy Orton in an Inferno Match

This will be a great match before the main event, as we see the return of the Inferno Match, but also watch to see Mr. Anderson put his revenge on Randy Orton.

If you're not familiar with the story, this is what I heard happened.

In early 2009, Orton was working a house show with Mr. Kennedy and apparently he botched a belly-to-belly Suplex, and was dropped hard on his neck. I have not yet seen the footage, but calling Randy Orton a liar is a pretty bad move to do, I'll tell you that.

Orton, along with John Cena, later said to Vince McMahon that they did not want to work with Anderson. And that's why Ken is in TNA working as Mr. Anderson instead of WWE.

Anderson has a pretty public feud with Orton and nothing like Anderson avenging his release than setting Orton on fire at allegedly 500 degrees. Of course, the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire with the flames outside of the ring.

This will also give Orton a chance to finally make Anderson regret him doing that botched Suplex to him and setting him on fire.

My prediction to win though is Anderson, who will continue to get popular in TNA, and continue Orton's push as the top anti-hero in professional wrestling today.


MAIN EVENT: A.J. Styles Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Hernandez Vs. Christian Vs. The Miz Vs. John Cena Vs. Jeff Hardy in a TLC Elimination Match

Boy, what a main event.

After six potential main eventers, we have the main event of all main events.

This match will have everyone off their seats and make it even harder to hold that bladder of his/hers. Four of TNA's elite take on four of WWE's elite in what will be an eventful TLC Elimination match.

There's really not much to be said, but everyone will need to be on their game in this elimination-style match. Hardy's and Christian's experience in TLC matches, the youth of the Miz, Jay Lethal, Hernandez, the technical skills of Swagger, and Cena.

Well, he'll just need to be Cena.  

Styles will also look to live up to the PWI's number one wrestler in the world ranking as well.

I believe Styles is the best all-around wrestler in professional wrestling today, and believe he'll be coming out on top.

So, there you go my ideal PPV dream and hopefully, you'll be voting for me as the best submission yet.


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