Roger Clemens Indictment: Couldn’t Happen To A "Nicer" Guy

Jason StoneContributor IAugust 19, 2010

KISSIMMEE, FL - FEBRUARY 27: Roger Clemens warms up prior to throwing batting practice to the minor leaguers at Houston Astros Spring Training at Osceola County Stadium on February 27, 2008 in Kissimmee, Florida. The U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Clemens committed perjury while testifying in front of the committee.  (Photo by Scott A. Miller/Getty Images)
Scott A. Miller/Getty Images

Since day one of Roger Clemens being accused of using steroids, many Boston Red Sox, New York Yankee and Blue Jays fans have been falling all over themselves to let everyone in baseball know that Clemens couldn't possibly be guilty and just how great a guy Roger Clemens is.

Even with piles of testimony and evidence that clearly points to Roger’s guilt, hardcore Clemens fans continually ignore the evidence in favor of holding on to the good ‘ol days when Clemens was one of the most feared pitchers in Major League Baseball history.

Now that Roger has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of perjury, obstruction of congress and making false statements for Clemens’ apparent false statements regarding his use/non-use of performance enhancing drugs one wonders— will the Clemens supporters finally wake up and smell the roses—I mean, come on now...the guy was a cheater! Wasn’t he?

At a time when we should be discussing Roger Clemens’ place amongst the greatest baseball players that ever walked the planet, baseball fans are now faced with the possibility that not only will Clemens not be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame, he may now be forced to spend as much as thirty years behind bars (doubtful, but possible).

While nobody truly wants to see Clemens end up in prison, his arrogance and smugness during the investigation involving his and other’s steroid use was a disgusting display from a man who clearly believed he was above the law/untouchable.

Sure, Clemens owns an impressive won/loss record, has more Cy Young awards than God himself, boasts over 4,000 strikeouts, 11 All-Star appearances and a World Series to boot, but none of his accomplishments will matter if he is found guilty of steroid use and/or if he is found to have perjured himself during those steroid investigations.

If Clemens was indeed not guilty, he would not have had to lie. Faced with guilt, Clemens may very well have lied in order to protect himself from not being elected to the Hall of Fame—a place that Clemens desires to be recognised.

For some, hearing Clemens was officially being charged was music to their ears. Many baseball purists feel that the use of steroids is unforgivable and, while sympathetic to the fact that Clemens has never been officially found guilty of steroid use, feel his involvement and use of steroids was/is a slam dunk.

Thus far, Major League Baseball looks to be dead against allowing players suspect or guilty of steroid use to be allowed to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

I suspect if Clemens is found guilty Baseball will turn it's back on Rocket Roger for eternity, and rightfully so.

Here’s hoping these charges show Clemens for what he is—a cheater who thought just because his name is Roger Clemens that he could get away with murdering the game of baseball.

Clemens is no Hall of Famer, he should be elected to the “Hall of Shame” alongside every other baseball player that chose to cheat themselves, cheat their teammates, cheat their fans, cheat their families, cheat their opponents and cheat the game of baseball that they "say" they love.

Clearly, if Clemens is found guilty, his actions, despite his tremendous play, will say otherwise—he will have had no respect for the game of baseball, none.

Hell, I’d go so far as to say that, if found guilty, Clemens should have to give up his coveted World Series Ring. After all, if he is found to have earned it while on steroids, he didn’t deserve it.

Roger Clemens is not untouchable. He is just another athlete that chose to go down the wrong path and thankfully, looks to be headed to prison for his deceit.

Baseball is bigger than any player. The Government and the Grand Jury is bigger than any criminal. Roger Clemens is about to find this out the hard way and I couldn’t be happier to see his pompous butt being dragged back into court where he shamed himself, his family, the courts, America and the game of baseball.

Here’s hoping the Grand Jury’s case sticks. Good luck, Roger. You’re going to need it...