Nick Saban: NCAA Unfair To Alfy Hill - UPDATED

TideFanAtlantaContributor IAugust 20, 2010

The NCAA has done it again.  They have made up their own rules own eligibility rules “al’ a carte” regarding the academics of Alfy Hill. 

Alfy is from West Brunswick H.S in North Carolina.  By all accounts he is a good kid and made good grades.  This summer, Alfy enrolled at the University of Alabama and made two A’s and a B+ in his studies.  Nick Saban said that he will do well academically in college.

But suddenly, the NCAA decided that he was not academically eligible from his HS studies.  In an unprecedented move they reversed their decision about his studies there, apparently because of two computer courses.  The courses were in a regular classroom with other students and a teacher.  Alfy took one of these courses because he had broken his hand and could not take a physical education class. 

Coach Jimmy Fletcher is broken hearted for Alfy.  The NCAA is “wrong” he said and stated that they won’t take his calls or return his calls.  Nick Saban said that he was “qualifier” and then he wasn’t qualified.  They set a new standard and that is “unfair” to Alfy.

Now Alabama fans are likely to start a new conspiracy theory.

This is not about Alabama Football.  Likely Alfy would have been redshirted this year.  This is about Alfy Hill and other students like him.  Coach Fletcher said that Alfy Hill “loves it over there”.  The NCAA might as well not spend any more money on their advertisements: "NCAA Students continue their careers in something other than athletics.  It’s all for show.  The people that work there really don’t care about the student athlete a bit.  Sort of makes me wonder if any of them graduated from a four year college or played college sports. 

The NCAA is so closed about their rules. Why do they make it so complicated and they make it up as they go? Even God set down his rules one time and they have never changed.

The NCAA is unlikely to reverse their decision. After all they are always right aren't they?

 UPDATE:  Alfy Hill's Facebook page says he is headed to East Carolina University.  If this is true how can he be cleared for ECU and not Alabama.  Now even I am thinking conspiracy.  Also, this would mean that his eligibility clock starts tick tick so making it back to Alabama would be even harder. Makes the whole story even more difficult to understand. This could be more fustration on Alfy's part than anything.  Now I Really Mad!