Rob Van Dam's Return:Time To Turn Heel?

Jack CorsiContributor IAugust 20, 2010

Since Rob Van Dam has came to TNA, he has been somewhat at the top of the food chain. But with these recent injuries after the match with Abyss at "The Whole F'N Show", Van Dam had to vacate his title and will be out for some time. But being out of the spotlight for some time could change how TNA uses him during the E.V. 2.0 sequence or how he generally is during Impact and PPV's.

Rob Van Dam becoming a heel is in a sense a dream come true to some. We could see a side of Van Dam we have not seen since he was in his early stages of ECW when he feuded with Sabu. Which is a side of Van Dam would be great to see but could really shift how fans now see him. But is this the right time for Van Dam and more importantly TNA to do so?

It most definatly is time for TNA to change RVD from face to heel, this would put a new stand point of the E.V. 2.0 storyline. With Van Dam changing sides to"Fortune" or just going off on his own, would be a huge blow to the ECW alumni. If you think about it people can then say "Uh oh, RVD is not with Dreamer and his crew, whats going to happen next." What will happen next?

Well what would happen is we could see a resurgance of the RVD/Sabu feud or we could see him fighting back at TNA saying that he should still have the title belt. But what would be great to see is a feud that could really aid TNA's ratings is RVD feuding with either Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle.Which would be better?

I would probably say a feud with Jeff Hardy, we saw how sucessful the feud was during the Alliance(If not well I thought it was awsome). Then now we could say well TNA is bringing in old ideas the WWE did. But heres where its different RVD would have to act all arrogant and over the top where the feud would potentially escalte to the title.

But this I think would be great for TNA, saying one of the biggest and best stars in their company is a bad guy. But we will not know unless TNA goes through with it. Which I really hope it does just to see how they play it out. Especially now with old ECW guys and fans starting to really really notice the company.