Marco Huck Defeats Matt Godfrey: Great Victory or Huge Disappointment?

Eddie FantiniCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2010

Huck has just demolished poor Matt "jaw-less" Godfrey in 5 rounds. I was eagerly waiting for this fight because I've heard good things about Capt'n Huck, so I tuned in to see how this guy would've fared against a supposed legitimate opponent.

On paper, it looked as a good fight, it just turned out to be a mismatch.

Don't get me wrong, Godfrey tried valiantly to wobble the German, but with no success at all. The American southpaw showcased a very good and fluid jab, occasionally thrown to the body, but nothing else.

Godfrey didn't show much rather than tons of jabs that won't really intimidate or just bother the German who just kept coming forward, looking for the knockout.

Yet, for all his inability to effectively pose a threat to the champion, Capt'n Huck didn't look much better either, aside from very good power punches.

It still amazes me how a fighter, who is getting seriously hurt in the first round, can be considered a "contender". I mean: the German might have been powerfull, but Godfrey's chin looked suspect even BEFORE the fight. Now I know why. It took a hook from time to time to hurt Godfrey.

I'll give Huck credit because he just did what he had to win. Rudimental defense, fire at will with powerful hooks and haymakers.

But that was it. Sorry but it takes more to be defined as a true champion, at least in my eyes. Flat-footed, almost neglected the use of the jab, unable to punch to a moving object (as he shot only when Godfrey was standing still or on the ropes), the WBO cruiserweight champion didn't look as a true champion. At all.

He even looked a little bit slow and sometimes predictable (because he has primitive skills). Of course he's young and has to improve, but to do so he'll need to change trainer and training camp, something European Fighters usually don't do.

Bottom line: Godfrey was another sacrificial lamb, used to build the hype for Huck. But whoever watched the fight will notice that any boxer with "above average" chin will take the german brawler to school, and possibly will stop him in the later rounds.