Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees: 2009 MLB World Series Preview

Zack LessnerCorrespondent IIAugust 23, 2010

(Note to reader: This article was written before I became a member at bleacher report, so I am just posting it now.)

Two teams.

Seven Potential Games.

One World Series to be won.

The Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees will be in the 104th annual Fall Classic in baseball history, and this should be a good one. Hoping to improve record low television ratings from last year's series, both the Phillies and Yankees are coming from big cities, with lots of baseball history.

The Yankees are looking to win their 27th World Series, making them have 17 more than any other team in history. With a payroll of over 200 million dollars and many new faces from last year's team that didn't even make the playoffs, the Yankees are looking to continue the great Yankee tradition of winning once again, for the first time since 2000.

As for the Phillies, their quest continues to become the first national league team to win back to back world series' since the Cincinnati Reds in 1975 and 1976. With a new ace, the Phillies hope to ride the same success they did last year when they beat the Tampa Bay Rays in five games.

The Yankees come into the series with one of the most feared lineups in baseball. Derek Jeter plays gold glove defense and having a regular season average of .334, Jeter looks to capture not only his fifth ring, but also win his first MVP award.

After Jeter in the lineup comes left fielder Johnny Damon, who hit an impressive 24 home runs during the regular season. After Damon comes big free agent acquisition Mark Teixeira who signed an eight year, 180 million dollar contract to wear pinstripes over the off season. Teixeira has delivered knocking in 122 RBI's during the regular season while playing a terrific first base.

After Teixeira comes third baseman Alex Rodriguez, whose eventful regular season has turned into a tremendous postseason. Before the regular season, Rodriguez had been named on a list of 103 players in which were caught for taking drugs during the 2003 season (there was no punishment for these drugs back then). After all the controversy, Rodriguez had off season hip surgery which delayed his first game to May. While he had a typical outstanding year, Rodriguez has really taken off in the post season. Rodriguez has had five home runs so far, and has really carried this Yankees team to the World Series.

Veterans Jorge Posada and the best closer in history Mariano Rivera have had above average seasons, even though they have had exceptional careers already. Led by a pitching staff who the top two pitchers were off season acquisitions who totaled 243.5 million dollars, the Yankees look to be the favorites in this year's classic.

The Phillies come back to the World Series for the second straight year for good reason. Mostly all of their 2008 World Series is back, and with key acquisitions of left fielder Raul Ibanez and ace Cliff Lee, the Phillies look to defend their ground.

2007 MVP shortstop Jimmy Rollins predicted that the Phillies would win the fall classic in five games, and they do have the tools to do it. While none of the Phillies hit over .300 this year, four Phillies players hit over 30 home runs.

Chase Utley, Ryan Howard,  Jayson Werth, and Raul Ibanez have really made a statement of what the Phillies offense is really about.

Home runs.

While the World Series is going to be at two hitter friendly ballparks, look for both teams to take advantage and jack some homers. With new ace Cliff Lee coming into the World Series with his 2009 playoff ERA under one, look for Cliff Lee to continue his success, even against the Bronx Bombers.

This should be a very exciting World Series to watch, with two evenly matched teams fighting for number one.