Greg Camarillo Minnesota Bound: Miami Dolphins Trade for Benny Sapp

J. BrunoCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2017

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

I can't really say it was a surprise to learn that the Dolphins have traded Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings are down two talented receivers in Sydney Rice and Percy Harvin, and once I saw who they had traded him for, I understood completely.

I've always liked Camarillo. He has had my unwavering support since he saved the team from an 0-16 record in 2007 against the Baltimore Ravens.

However, as sure-handed as he is, his overall impact on the Dolphins' offense has been minimal, and at the end of the day, this trade just makes sense. 

Benny Sapp is a veteran cornerback and has been known to be an exceptional special teams contributor, thus he fills two needs the Dolphins are currently looking to fill.

In just seven starts for the Vikes in 2009, Sapp recorded 40 solo tackles, six deflected passes, and two forced fumbles

A native of Fort Lauderdale, he will also be returning to the state of his birth, where Dolphins fans hope a rebirth of his career will now begin.

As much as Greg Camarillo has earned my respect over the years with the Miami Dolphins, the move is one I fully agree with. I certainly wish him the best in his new home (apart from Week Two, of course).

As for what the Fins' new acquisition will mean to the team, that remains to be seen.

He will likely be assuming a backup role behind a much younger player, but I have no doubt that a corner with his credentials can be relied upon to provide what the Dolphins lack in the secondary: good, old-fashioned game-proven play-making ability and experience.

Greg Camarillo will certainly be missed, but I think I can speak for Dolphins' Nation when I welcome Benny Sapp to Miami with open arms.

The depth of the Dolphins' rapidly-improving defense just got a little deeper.


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