"Maryse", Episode 2, "Pourquoi Êtes-Vous À Me Regarder?"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

Narrator: Please refer here to translate anything Maryse says. She speaks a lot of French. *clears throat* "Maryse" was taped in front of a live studio audience.

*cue entrance music*

Narrator: And now....Canada's greatest export...Maryse!

Maryse: Je vous remercie homme laid sans visage. Mon pauvre Teddy m'a intoxication alimentaire et n'est pas en mesure de venir aujourd'hui! Heureusement, j'ai obtenu mon étirement à l'avance! Moving on, our first segment is called "Looking at Moi". We watch videos and look at pictures, ALL ABOUT MOI!

Our first video is, of course, mes débuts! Let's watch it here!

*crowd stares in awe*

Random Crowd Member: I love you!

Maryse: Ew. Security? Pouvez-vous escorte qui rampent sur le bâtiment?

And now! Me giving great advice to some girl. I don't remember her name. What was it? Strawberry? Rasberry? Blueberry? Quoiqu'il en soit, une sorte de fruit!

Maryse: For la grande finale, I give you...this!

*crowd stares in awe again*

Maryse: And now! I will be taking calls from the fans.

(Ring, Ring)

Maryse: Bonjour, ceci est Maryse.

Caller: Hi, I need to know if a guy likes me or not.

Maryse: That's easy. If you are not the sexiest of sexy, he probably doesn't! Next caller!

Caller: You're so hot.

Maryse: I know. Next caller!

Caller: Will you come to my son's 5th birthday party?

Maryse: Excusez-moi?

Caller: Isn't this Happy Fun Time Clown Services?

Maryse: Comment osez-vous m'appeler un clown, vous pièce sale d'ordures! Savez-vous qui je suis?! Je suis Maryse, la plus sexy du sexy! Vous avez de la chance que je ne vais pas là-bas et vous botter le...(...)

Narrator: Well, that's all the time we have for today! Tune in next time for "Ted"!

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