NFL Owners Meetings: Why an 18-Game Regular Season Is a Horrible Idea!

Danni Santana@@danimals8Contributor IAugust 26, 2010

The NFL owners are really eager to extend the NFL regular season from sixteen games to eighteen and in essence making the NFL regular season last twenty weeks with the extra bye week.

No doubt about it, this move is all about money and taking the most popular game in this country and trying to make it bigger. But the game does not have to be any bigger. It is perfect the way it is now, from a business stand point.

Roger Goodell and the NFL have this huge fascination with making the game global when it just doesn't have to be. Sometimes when one is too greedy it becomes their downfall.

Playing a game or two in London is fine but any thought of the NFL becoming the most popular game in Europe is down right ignorant. As long as soccer exists or futbol as real fans call it, it will continue being the most popular game in the world.

More to the point, in the United States the NFL is the cream of the crop. Every game is like a event. The sport has the best championship game in the Super Bowl. And seriously if it had the best All-Star Game it would almost be unfair.

In order for the NFL to remain the most popular sport in this country it has to be run correctly. Not that Goodell has not been doing a good job because he has but, adding two games to the NFL season would be a huge mistake.

Think about it. What would be the point of adding two games. First thing that comes to mind is that it gives teams more of an opportunity to reach the playoffs. Especially in cases where a team gets off to a bad 1-3 or 1-4 start.

That is only one positive and even if there are a couple more worth mentioning, in reality, the negatives clearly outweigh the positives.

One negative of a eighteen game regular season is that there would only be two preseason games. I know you're wondering how in the world could that be a negative, well here's how.

NFL teams use the preseason to get ready for the regular season. They have a chance to evaluate the players who will serve a specific role on their team.

Because you see, preseason is really for the role players trying to make the team. For the rookies trying to get used to NFL speed and for the new players on a team trying to learn a new system.

If there are only two games what ends up happening is that the starters end up getting most of the reps in the preseason because they need to start getting ready for the regular season. So all that can be said is if a player is third string good luck making the team.

Four games is the exact number of games needed to get everybody on board, sort of speak. Now injuries of course are a concern in preseason however, that is a weak argument because injuries are always a concern no matter what time of the season it is.

Losing your star player whether it be in preseason or in the middle of the year makes no difference because the player is still not able to play. Only difference is that in one situation said player, played a couple of games before getting injured.

Truth of the matter is a devastating injury can happen anytime a player puts on his pads. Even in practice or the weight room. Believe it or not, stars are the reason we watch the game but team depth and luck are always reasons why a championship is won.

Reason for this is that injuries will always happen. There is nothing that anyone can do about it. That is exactly why every year we see division winners and teams who are guaranteed to make the playoffs, rest their starters the last couple weeks of the season.

This brings me to another negative of an eighteen game regular season. Who's to say that adding two games to the season will only add meaningful games. Sure we will see games in week 19 that match two 8-8 football teams fighting for a playoff spot.

However, we will also see about five to six meaningless games that feature teams that have already clinched a playoff berth. As it stands right now we only have to watch two weeks of these meaningless football games.

If the season were to be extended to eighteen games we could end up having to watch these types of games for up to a month, three weeks being the best case scenario.

And if we are lucky the teams have not locked up a specific seed in the playoffs. Because if not the teams will certainly pull there starters after a half just like the Indianapolis Colts always do.

Or teams will pull their starters after they achieve some type of individual accomplishment like wide receiver catching 100 balls in a season.

Also 1,000 yards receiving or rushing won't mean as much because players will have two more games to accomplish it. Throwing for 4,000 yards as a QB becomes much easier when you have two more games.

Due to this fact, records will start falling left and right. Most individual NFL records will start to be broken in a very short span. Probably over the course of a decade give or take a couple of years.

Point is this, The best teams will most likely start resting their starters by week 15. The only teams that will be fighting for a playoff spot are the teams who will most likely be eliminated before they reach the Super Bowl.

Lastly, I hope that the NFL owners and Roger Goodell can understand that adding two games to the NFL regular season doesn't improve the league. It actually does the opposite because it brings the NFL back to the pack.

Football is a special game because every game no matter it be college or professional is important. Adding the two games makes the NFL just like the NBA, MLB and the NHL. By adding games the value and/or importance of an individual game is decreased.

And speaking for those who love football we really don't want to see that happen. Understand NFL owners that four preseason games, and sixteen regular season games along with up to four playoff games is all that is needed.

The fans and more importantly the players are happy with how things are.

Do you really want to start debating how much more players should be paid a year because of the two extra games. I think not especially with all the contract disputes that occur every year in the league.

The NFL is a well run league. Do not make a huge mistake just because you want to feed your greed for money. Stop trying so hard to make the game perfect.

It is as perfect as it is ever going to be. Learn from Napoleon and Hitler. They got to greedy and it led to their doom. With that said, a bit of advice for the NFL owners...

Don't mess with perfection!


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