Philadelhia 76ers All-Time Lineup

Tom DillardCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

The Philadelphia 76ers are a historical team from their move from Syracuse as the Nationals to Philadelphia to become the 76ers. In their storied history, they have had many great players. Their all-time lineup can be debated, but here is what some may feel could be an all-time roster:

Starting Point Guard: #10 Maurice Cheeks

Maurice Cheeks was the backbone to the 1982-1983 NBA Championship team. He was the one who ran everything and got it all going. "Mo" never looked to get the points in his day as a player, although he could. He much would have rather had gotten the assist on plays. That's what "Doctor J" Julius Erving and Big Moses Malone were for. Mo is also one of the smartest players to ever come through the organization. He is also the current coach for the 76ers.

Starting Shooting Guard: #15 Hal Greer

Hal Greer was a long range shooter before there was such a thing. Greer was fortunate enough to have played along side of 76ers great Wilt Chamberlain. When the double team concept was "invented", Greet benefited greatly from playing with Wilt. Opposing teams would double team Wilt and he would "kick it out" to Hal Greer for the long range shot. Greer is one of the best pure shooters in Nationals/76ers history.

Starting Small Forward: #6 Julius Erving

If you know anything about the man they call "Doc" or "Dr. J", then there's no commentary needed on him. Doc is one of the 50 greatest players ever in the NBA. He was arguably one of the most entertaining players to ever fly through the air in the NBA. A player like Dr. J is why the American Basketball Association (ABA) created the Slam Dunk Contest. He is an icon in Philadelphia basketball with the signature afro.

Starting Power Forward: #2 Moses Malone

Prior the the 1982-1983 season, the 76ers had been in either the Eastern Conference Finals or the NBA Finals but could not win it all. They had no answer for quality big men of the Celtics in the east or the Lakers in the west. Along comes free-agent power forward Moses Malone. Moses was a strong dominating presence in the paint. He would use his power inside as well as grabbing rebounds on both the offensive and defensive ends. "Big Mo" was the key to their 82-83 Championship team.

Starting Center: #13 Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt is arguably the greatest player to ever step foot on "the hardwood." Wilt was the most dominating player of his era. He was 7' 1" tall and 275 lbs. Chamberlain is also one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. Chamberlain is a 2 time NBA Champion, 4 time MVP, 13 time NBA All-Star, 1972 NBA Finals MVP, 7 time All-NBA First Team selection, 3 time All-NBA Second Team selection, 2 time All-Defensive Team selection, 1960 NBA Rookie of the Year, 1960 All-Star Game MVP, NBA's 50th Anniversary Team member, NBA's 35th Anniversary Team member. I think that is enough reasons as to why Wilt in my starting center.

Backup Point Guard: #20 Eric Snow

Similar to Maurice Cheeks, Eric Snow is one of the smarter players to ever come through the 76ers organization. He was also a point guard who wanted more assists than points. When the shot was there for Snow, he would take it but would never force anything he didn't have to. He was apart of the 2001 Eastern Conference Championship team.

Backup Shooting Guard: #3 Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is Allen Iverson. "#3" is pound for pound one of the greatest players to ever play in the 76ers organization. He could score at will. The one flaw on A.I. is that some say that he was a player who ,over the years, has been unable to play with another superstar. The 76ers have put him with Larry Hughes, Keith Van Horn, Glenn Robinson, Toni Kukoc, Chris Webber, and others. All of these players have been "busts" when playing alongside of Iverson. Once they left, they became big time players.

Backup Small Forward: #24 Bobby Jones

One of the best defenders in the 76ers organization played on the 1982-1983 team. His name was Bobby Jones. Bobby Jones was a burst of energy off the bench that year as well as a burst of great defense. Jones was the 1982-1983 Sixth Man of the Year as well as a member of the NBA All-Defensive Team. For his defensive ability, Bobby Jones is apart of this team.

Backup Power Forward: #34 Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley was a 6'4" power forward. He played very similar to Moses Malone. He was small for his position but was very strong and powerful. "Sir Charles" was a rebounding machine. He didn't care who he was going against, the rebound was his!

Backup Center: #4 Dolph Schayes

6'8" Forward/Center Dolph Schayes was a scorer and rebounder for the Syracuse Nationals. Schayes played like a man bigger than what he was. He was a dominating force in the low post. He was a 6 time All-NBA First Team member as well as a 12 time NBA All-Star.


This team was based primarily on skills and accomplishments by each player. Some of these players whether both backups or both starters were at one time teammates. So, for many of these players, it was about talent; other selections were based on chemistry with one or more of the other players on this list.