All Time White Sox Team (The Steroid Era)

Ryan OlsonCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

C - A.J. Pierzynski -
Pierzynski, could just be the best White Sox catcher of this era, You just look at everything he has done not just batting but fielding. A.J has a career batting avg of 285. better then my runner up Ron Karkovice, but also his fielding percentageof .995.  And since joining the Sox he has been batting .276 even though he has only been here for 4 years he has been a big part of the line up.
1st - Paul Konerko
Even though he has had a horrible last 2 seasons Paul Konerko has been a solid defensive first basemen. I have noticed that Pauly could scoop just about anything. And his hitting up to these last 2 years haven't been that bad.
2nd - Ray Durham -
The lead off man that always found a way on base. Ray from 1995-2002 had scored 784 runs and has had 1246 hits. Also in 2002 he had 103 hits in just 96 games. But I'm going to say now look out for Alexei Ramirez.
3rd - Robin Ventura -
Ventura, who else we cant really say Joe Credeyet because he only really has 4 good years you can give him. But Robin from 1990 until about 1996 he was just about a 150 hit player.
SS - Ozzie Guillen -
The man is an icon here in Chicago. Even as a shortstop following Ray Durham and turning double playswith him. Ozzie Guillen was the only White Sox player to play more then 6 years ever in fact he played 12 with the White Sox. Obviously he got to be doing something well to be with them that long.
OF - Magglio Ordonez -
From 1997 - 2004 Maggs was a huge part of the White Sox lineup who else would you put from 1995 - current.
OF - Jermain Dye -
This guy has only been with the White Sox since 2005 but what an impact he has had on our roster. This guy was the 2005 World Series MVP and is now our offense.
OF - Ken Griffey Jr -
OK so he hasn't even been with the Sox for a half a year but this guy has walked onto this team as a veteran leader. And just having him in the line up makes our offense better. But other then just that he is a future hall of famer, and is my favorite ball player of all time.
DH - Frank Thomas -
Who else could you pick for this era, but none other the "The Big Hurt" the guy was a man child when he came into the league. This guy lead the team in home runs pretty much right when he started. But unfortunalty for this guy in 2002 he went from one of the best hitters in the league to "The Always Hurt."