SURPRISE!: What Lies In Store For WWE's 900th RAW?

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2010

Hey Bleacher Reporters and Commentors!

As we all know, WWE's 900th RAW Celebration is this Monday Night! Only two days away, yet we've gone through so much as the WWE Universe.

We've grown up with stars like Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels. We've had household names that'll forever have a place in our hearts such as Bret The Hitman Hart and The Rock, era's that'll never be forgotten such as The Attitude Era (yeah, no one will forget that era, with people bringing it up every time the words PG or John Cena is muttered).

Point is, that WWE fans have been delivered with a package each and every week ever since January 11 1993. Some good some not so good, nether less the fact is that we have a product that faithfully puts on a show every week for the sake of us fans (and business purposes). And we faithfully watch it.

Well enough with the nostalgia feeling and such, let’s get going with this article! 

Now, with the 900th RAW coming up, we fans WILL absolutely expect something big to happen. But we just don't know what. With all sorts of speculation happening on dirt sheets and fans who apparently "know someone who said this" it's hard to know what you will expect. I mean this is WWE RAW and anything can happen, we can have Stone Cold Steve Austin flick off Mr. Mcmahon and give him the Stone Cold Stunner, and ten years down the line we have Al Sharpton guest host a wrestling show. But that's WWE for you. Anyways what are certain things that can surprise us by the time the show ends?

RAW this Monday will feature stars from all three brands. So SMACKDOWN and NXT stars will be on the show this Monday. I'm surprised they haven't put this show on for three hours considering the talent that they're bringing and the supposed WWE alumni showing up. For those who don't know the WWE alumni are WWE's former employees, wrestlers, managers, commentator announcers and such. With all three brands showing up on the show this Monday, what is at least one thing we can expect from this confrontation?


                                        Diva Title Unification

For one the WWE Divas Division is in a horrible state now. Several here on B/R have written articles on it and they come and go. But as each show comes I can't help but feel the Divas Division getting worse and worse. A month ago it was in way better shape than it is right now.

Recently two divas from the Smackdown Division have had their own problems. Tiffany was suspended the weekend of Summerslam because of her conflicts with her real life husband Drew Mcintyre, and Serena the only female in the Straight Edge Society with a background full of Indy accomplishments had just had her first match and won the week before she was released because of her problems living up to the Straight Edge label off screen.

Since Melina's confrontation with Lay-Cool at Summerslam, and last week's RAW where they said they have something for her for the 900th RAW, many have believed this will lead to a unification of the Diva Titles.

If I'm correct fans who actually care about the divas or have pointed out the faults WWE is making with them believe unifying the Diva Titles is one major step to improve the Diva's Division in the WWE.

There are only four active divas on Smackdown two of which are a heel team Laycool who hold the now tarnished Woman's Title, and the other two Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes, well as of now can't be taken as serious competitors. Because they do nothing. If anything the Smackdown Diva Division can't live in a state like this and the WWE knows that, so unifying the two titles can be a very likely thing to happen come this Monday.


                                Does Nexus Step their Game Up?

Seeing as how the Nexus angle has been playing along they've only been on RAW all of their time here. I mean you can only take things so far. Even after their first attack on the June 7th edition on RAW many have waited for Nexus to come and invade Smackdown, but it never happened. They only appeared on NXT once and all seven of them won a battle royal between the pros and rookies of NXT season 2. With all three brands under one roof, is it possible the Nexus go to the next level and just go all out attacking everyone?

They're a man short since they kicked Darren Young out and it's reported Skip Sheiffield the most dominant member of Nexus has an injury and will be "sidelined" for awhile, so it could be possible we'll see Nexus be active tonight but like their other beat downs and attacks? We'll just have to see. 

Wade Barrett has used his title match opportunity to challenge Sheamus for the WWE Championship at Night Of Champions, along with him are Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and John Cena. The rest of Nexus appear to well, be doing nothing right now.

Now the tag team division is still in a bad state, the Hart Dynasty literally has no one to challenge them right now, websites have reported that at local shows and other events Skip Sheifield and David Otunga were challenging the Hart Dynasty for the titles. I could eventually see these two become tag team champs or at least make an effort to become champs on Monday. But because of Sheiffield's injury it's most likely someone like Heath Slater or Justin Gabriel will fill the void.

It'll certainly be fresh for the Nexus to go after the tag team titles and if anything it'll make a pretty good feud that'll let both teams shine and not have them left doing nothing. On the other hand Nexus can do what I said before and just attempt to beat down all the superstars in the arena, RAW, Smackdown, NXT or even WWE's Alumni itself.


                            Long Time No See! Presenting the WWE Alumni!!

WWE has had performers come and go some stick with the business through thick and thin, others just go where the money is at and all that good stuff. Question is, who can you expect to see at the 900th episode of RAW? Don't expect Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan to be there, (but, hey there is always the 1000th episode of RAW!). But without a doubt a celebration of RAW's history cannot exclude the household names that helped it progress all these years.

We all would love JR to come out and announce, and in a matter of fact one of our fellow B/R writers Chris O Connall had a petition going up for him to announce the 900th RAW, but unfortunately WWE hasn't let JR go onscreen to announce and if he does make an appearance on Monday I could only hope he'll announce. (Remember if not this year we always have our bets on the 1000th episode of RAW!)

Along with the millions of WWE fans I would love to see fan favorites of the past and superstars who built the company of WWE throughout the years to make an appearance on this celebration of RAW. Yes it will give long time fans a more nostalgic feeling but it will give kids and newcomers to the Pro Wrestling community itself a chance to see these guys and realize dang without them John Cena or Rey Mysterio wouldn't be here today! And maybe even look up their matches in their prime and such! OK maybe not to that extent but nether less I love it when WWE showcases their older talents, it just has an impact on the younger guys like me and it makes me appreciate them more, and I actually look up their matches!



                         So Who Exactly Is The Anonymous GM of RAW

This question has been a burning topic among us WWE fans ever since this anonymous dude was put into place as GM of RAW. With his frequent updates, blinking lights, usage of other past superstar's catchphrases to the annoying line of Micheal Cole saying "Excuse Me I've Received a message from the general manager, and I quote" WWE has really been good at keeping us guessing.

Ever since he said "Give Me a Hell yeah" everyone assumed it was Stone Cold Steve Austin himself behind the curtain. At least until, Roddy Piper's catchphrase was said the next week. Then soon after that DX's catchphrase was used. (People still believe its Stone Cold though). Out of all candidates many have though it out to be either Stone Cold, The Rock, Micheal Cole himself, Vince McMahon, Goldberg or HHH.

Stone Cold is speculated to be the GM because of solely two lines the Anonymous GM said. I wouldn’t count him out any day, but I wouldn’t say he’s so likely.

Micheal Cole is another pick to be the GM is purely because the man annoys us, he reads the GM messages and well he can really cut it out to be the one making rules and such. But he can’t figure out whether he wants to be a face or heel. But one thing is he’s the ultimate Miz-Fit.

Vince McMahon has had his ties with Bret Hart and the line “I do not like Bret Hart” led many to believe Vinny Mac himself is the GM. Although many believed he was the GM before that line was said, because of the Nexus attack on him, and the fact he talked to the GM on the phone the night he was attacked, it seems unlikely.

Goldberg the man who ended Bret Hart’s Career, a dominant force in WCW and is termed “highly overrated” by most of the IWC. Same goes for Goldberg as for Vince. “I Do Not like Bret Hart”. Simply a line drives everyone up the wall and Goldberg is a candidate for the anonymous GM. With Speculation that Goldberg wants to come back to the WWE for a match of some sort, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back sooner or later but as of now I just don’t know.

Triple H: He was put out of action by Sheamus, and WWE fans have long awaited the return of the King of Kings. Unfortunately because of surgery in his bicep in late July he wasn’t able to return at Summerslam. At Summerslam it was speculated he would be the final member of Team WWE, but that didn’t happen either. Early on in the Nexus angle WWE wanted one of the top faces to turn heel, and either join the Nexus or be their leader. HHH and John Cena were top two, Cena being too risky to turn heel and HHH out of commission things didn’t go as planned.

Triple H is due to return sometime during the fall October to December-ish. If WWE could plan the GM angle that far I’m positive they could have Triple H as the GM. But I don’t know if they’ll keep us waiting that long.


The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment is really overdue to come back to the WWE to do what he does best, entertain!

First we thought we were going to have John Cena vs The Rock, nope, then during Smackdown’s 10th anniversary he makes an appearance telling the audience that he’ll probably do a guest host stint on RAW in the future, he’s yet to be seen. It turns out The Rock was supposed to guest host on January 4th but, instead Bret did it(I didn’t mind, Bret coming back was great for the WWE). And supposedly the Rock was supposed to guest host the June 7th edition of Raw in his hometown Miami, but instead we got the birth of the Summer Angle Nexus. In a March Interview with the Rock however, he did say he was going to be in a big summer angle for the WWE. Not only come back to guest host but to entertain the fans like they haven’t been entertained for years. He also said it’s not likely he’ll wrestle. So he could be a very likely candidate for guest host. In a matter of fact he and Triple H are my top picks.

I would love for the Anonymous GM  to be revealed come this Monday, many predicted he would be revealed at Summerslam but that didn’t happen, and the past two RAW’s haven’t been the best in and though we might have many other things going on during that night, them revealing the GM would be the biggest surprise for me.


Anyways, that wraps up this article, now do I think WWE will actually have this stuff happen? More or less, I expect some kind of confrontation with the Divas belts and some old superstars from the past to show up. The Anonymous GM thing is just something that was stuck on my mind and it would be my personal favorite thing to happen this Monday Night.

Then again, WWE does have their way of screwing up things, and to be honest I would like to have WWE do something with this RAW and not have it end up like Viewer’s Choice (well except the Nexus Invasion). I’ve learned not to get my hopes up too high when it comes to things like this, Viewer’s Choice and Summerslam is a perfect example. But I doubt WWE would do something completely stupid on their celebration of having 900 episodes. But we’ll just wait and see.


So what do you guys think about the 900th episode of RAW? What expectations will you have? Do you think it will be a letdown? Any surprise appearances? Whatever! Comment!

*NOTE: Due to school being back in session I haven’t been on B/R as much as I would like, this is my first article since school has started. Sorry for taking long guys, but being freshman in highschool is rough! I’ll still be on B/R but just not as much, so don’t worry I’ll still be around!



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