Home To The Dome Post Katrina

lori boudreauxCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2010

I have not written an article since last football season. I guess reason being possibly too overwhelmed for words. But tonight as I ponder on the 5th Anniversary of Katrina, I cannot help but share my rising out of the water moment. Saints V Falcons 2006.

 We all have a story to tell and it should be told ,every last one of them because we deserve to be heard but that's a story for another day. You might ask what does a storm story have to do with sports? Well if you're from Louisiana , the answer is EVERYTHING. 

I remember watching and waiting for the game to begin. I couldn't believe how magnificent the dome looked with brand new everything ,bright lights and not one empty seat. It looked more like halftime at the super bowl than a regular game night. When the moment came for our Saints to come marching in , we were all in that number . When they came out it was like watching in slow motion, magnificent valor. Our heroes coming home. From that moment I knew they were going to win. 

When the game was over, I had hope ,I believed everything was going to be alright. In the bible there is a verse of scripture in James 1:4 that says "But let patience have its perfect work that you might be perfect and entire,wanting nothing.' Over the next few years we struggled to rebuild and get back on our feet . I looked forward to sundays knowing that a spoon full of football definately helped the medicine go down.

Though we wouldn't have accomplished what we wanted those few years the Saints still went out on that field playing for us and that waiting and that patience finally paid off in 2009-10. Regardless of the stats as far as the the great state of Louisiana we had a perfect season all the way to the Super Bowl. Katrina has come and gone and her destruction will never be forgotten for those unfortunate enough to have been in her path. We will never forget those who lost there lives but for those of us who survived directly or indirectly we are grateful to our fellow Americans who answered the call of humanity and we are grateful to our New Orleans  Saints who carried us through  and  who carry us still. Bless You Boys!