NFC North Prediction.

Ryan OlsonCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

With the 2008 season right around the Corner, I never thought the divisions could get even tighter. With each year teams are just getting better, and better. But for the NFC North I believe its going to be 2 great teams, and 2 just awful teams.

Finishing In last place for the NFC North will be the Green Bay Packersfinishing 4-12. This will be Aaron Rodgers first time being the big cheese on the team. Its going to take him a couple of games to get used to that feeling but it wont be alot Im saying 2 games untillhe is playing how he should. Looking at their schedule they have a pretty hard schedule for a Quarter Back who has never started a game in 6 years. Opening the season with Minnesota on Monday Night Football may not be the best thing for Aaron Rodgers. He will have a bad game and so will the Packers Defense giving up 200+ rushing yards. Their next 6 games I only have them winning 1 game against Tampa Bay. Andafter the bye week the next 9 games they will only win 3 against the Saints, Panthers, and Texans. And all in a row. Andfinally getting into a groove before playing some real teams. But for Aaron Rodgers this will be not a good way to start out his new life after Brett Favre.

In 3rd in the NFC North will be the Detroit Lions, Im predicting that they will have another bad season. I have them finishing 5-11. But to look at their schedule, even closer you see their season opener to be with the Atlanta Falcons. Now the Falcons are coming off the most embarrassing season, I could think of. They have really improved by getting Micheal Turner, and drafting QB Matt Ryan, now maybe Joe Horn can have a good reason for leaving New Orleans. So unfortunately The lions lose their first game. But will win their next 2 games against the Packers, and the 49ers. After the bye week the Lions will only win 3 more games. Only beating the Texans, the Panthers, andthe Buccaneers (depending of Favre). I just dont think they will have a good season their defense is going to really hurt them in games.

In 2nd I have the Chicago Bears going a surprising 12-4 all under QB Kyle Orton. Thats right Orton will lead the Bears offense to after the 2nd game of the year. I do have the Bears losing there season opener to the Colts but thats under starting QB Rex Grossman. After a multi interception loss the Bears go to Kyle Orton who helps the bears win their next 10. They are my big surprise team of the year. And in that 10 game win streak they will beat the Vikings at home, a troubled Eagles team, and a hot Falcons team. But after their 10 game win streak they lose 2 in a row too the Vikings in Minnesota and a red hot Jaguars team that will win the AFC south. But after that 2 game skid they go back on a tear winning 3 in a row evening finishing off a sweep with the Packers. And go to the divisional championship and lose to the Vikings.

And finally in first the Minnesota Vikings will go 13-3. I know its a hard prediction to make but with the Vikings being pulled by the legs of Adrian Peterson, and having former Bear Bernard Berrian as their new wide receiver. All they need is a number 4 to get them to the top. Even withought that magic number the Vikings have a pretty decent QB named Tavares Jackson who has 1 year under his belt, and is ready to start another run into the playoffs. And hey even if he doesn't get the job done you never know about Booty, he could be that missing piece. But the offensive line of the Vikings looks to be one of the best, and the defense just looks like it could be in the top 10.

So that's my hard to believe prediction, I know it doesn't seem like it could work. But we have had some pretty weird seasons.