NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To the Sacramento Kings?

Blake Mehigan@blakeam11Correspondent IAugust 29, 2010

Anthony and the Nuggets are expected to part ways very soon.
Anthony and the Nuggets are expected to part ways very soon.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As many who are in the know have heard, recently the Denver Nuggets have been in the market to potentially move their star player, Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has yet to accept or decline a very lucrative contract extension Denver had offered him this summer.

The consensus is that the former Syracuse standout wants to become a true free agent and perhaps orchestrate a power trio of his own, in the same vein of what James, Wade, and Bosh did this past July.

According to, the New Jersey Nets, Minnesota Timberwolves, and, yes, Sacramento Kings are the favored destinations for the Denver Nuggets to trade Carmelo Anthony.

Excuse me?

Yes, this is obviously a rumor and is still very early in the game for this developing situation, but the mere thought of the Kings landing an established all-star player leaves me, and I'm sure many Kings fans, salivating. 

This could be the biggest trade the Kings would pull the trigger on since acquiring Chris Webber over a decade ago. But let's not get too far ahead.

This trade would obviously give the Kings a strong and very young core with Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins making very nice complements to the big physical Anthony.

It is clear where Denver wants to trade Carmelo, but the question is where does Carmelo want to be traded?

I feel if he had his choice it would be to a team like New York or perhaps New Jersey, a team the Nuggets want to move him to, but do either of those teams have enough to offer?

I feel the answer is no, but there is a possibility the Nets could pull it off.

The T'Wolves have some very nice pieces they could trade as well, but I'm not so sure they would have enough around Carmelo after the trade for it to work.

The Kings would obviously not be trading Evans or Cousins, their cornerstones, but instead a combination of young talent (Omri Casspi, Dont'e Greene, Jason Thompson, or perhaps Hassan Whiteside), expiring contracts (Samuel Dalembert, Carl Landry), and draft picks. Along with maybe a filler contract as well, like Francisco Garcia could make this a done deal, especially if the Kings can get Anthony to agree to an extension.

And this is where things get messy.

Anthony does not necessarily want to play in Sacramento this coming season, along with a majority of players in the league. But if Anthony is traded here and sees the potential and the amount of money the Maloofs can pay him, I think he might have a hard time walking away.

'Melo wants to play in a city with the bright lights and skyscrapers, from everything I've gathered and heard. But, to play in a city that will truly love you and adore you for bringing their team back from obscurity I feel could trump playing in a city with glitz and glamour. Everyone knows how rabid a fanbase the Kings have in Sacramento.

The Kings would no doubt be a title contender with the addition of Anthony, and considering the Nuggets are looking to disband, perhaps the Kings could acquire a couple other players? Maybe Chauncey Billiups or J.R. Smith? Hey, how about both?

The Kings have the cap room and expiring contracts, along with picks and young talent to make this deal happen. Pulling a player like Anthony would make the Kings automatic playoff threats and most likely a few years removed from being title contenders in the West.

In the coming weeks we will see where the chips fall and no matter where 'Melo ends up. The fireworks should be exciting, so stay tuned! And if you're a Kings fan, I'm assuming you're hoping for this to happen.

But if you are against it, I don't blame you. I'm not so sure if this trade is that good myself. Like many loyal Kings fans have always said, in Petrie we trust.