Fantasy Football: 2010 Wide Receiver PPR Rankings with Commentary

Jeff SockContributor IIMarch 24, 2017

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Here is sockonfl's wide receiver PPR rankings for the 2010 season.

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  1. Andre Johnson—This big yardage and reception hog is top notch in my book.  His only drawback is he has never scored double digit TDs in a season yet.  He definitely is the top dog of PPR wide receivers.
  2. Reggie Wayne—Peyton Manning's No. 1 target is a consistent receiving machine.  He usually is one of the top red zone receivers for Indy too.  Hence his No. 2 ranking.
  3. Randy Moss—Moss is said to be in extremely great shape this offseason.  Only goes to figure that would happen in a contract year for him.  Look for Brady to Moss to be a hot connection in 2010.  Probably not as special as the 2007 season, but a really great season in the offing nonetheless.
  4. Roddy White—Roddy says he wants to lead the league in receiving yards in 2010.  If Matt Ryan can take a bigger step forward in year three, I see no reason why Roddy can't achieve his lofty goals.  Roddy's IMO should be the top dynasty receiver taken off the board right now.
  5. Miles Austin—Austin emerged as the leading receiver last year in Big D.  He should continue to perform well with Tony Romo at the helm.
  6. Brandon Marshall—Another PPR gem receiver.  Chad Henne's new target should do well in the Miami spotlight.
  7. Larry Fitzgerald—The name and past experience has him ranked this high.  Personally with Leinart as his QB, I would pass on Fitz and let someone else have him.
  8. Wes Welker—Welker plainly is a PPR stud.  He gets around 120 receptions a season.  All signs are pointing to a Week 1 start for Welker so far.  I would draft him with confidence.  If you don't have confidence, just pick up Julian Edelman as a handcuff in the later rounds.
  9. Steve Smith(NYG)—The Giants' Steve Smith emerged as Eli Manning's go-to receiver in 2009.  I am sure that will continue in 2010 with this first down machine.  He was also very efficient in the red zone as well last year. A super PPR play as well.
  10. Anquan Boldin—Q becomes the number 1 target for a rapidly maturing Joe Flacco.  I look for Flacco to take another big step forward in 2010 and Boldin is the main reason for it.
  11. Greg Jennings—A healthy O-line heading into 2010 should allow more time for Aaron Rodgers to find Jennings down the field for longer passes.  He should be in for a big rebound season in 2010.
  12. Marques Colston—Colston doesn't get the high number of receptions as others this high, but he makes his count for over 15 yard per catch average and being a big red zone target for Brees.  Count on him for 1,100 yards and 10 TDs.
  13. Steve Smith(CAR)—Carolina's Steve Smith reemerged from ruins once Matt Moore took over at QB in 2009.  Moore is back for 2010, so look for the Steve Smith of old in 2010.
  14. Calvin Johnson—You ask why is he ranked so low.  It's QB play.  He won't establish himself into the star player that he is until Matthew Stafford matures into a solid pro QB.  I say pick Johnson in 2011 or 2012.  He should be Top Five WR material by then.
  15. DeSean Jackson—DJax played well in both games that Kevin Kolb started in 2009.  He is just so explosive, you just get him the ball and he makes plays.  Kolb will continue making Jackson a top receiver.
  16. Chad Ochocinco—The wily veteran remains a top target and should once again be a top receiver in 2010.
  17. Hines Ward—Ward is like the Rodney Dangerfield of wide receivers (he gets no respect).  Year in and year out this guy posts solid numbers, but he is overshadowed by the elite players at the position.  I would take this gritty player on my team any day.
  18. TJ Houshmandzadeh—Housh's last two seasons have been dismal to say the least.  I think he will be pushed more this year by the younger talent on this team.  Plus Hasselbeck should find more time with big Russell Okung over at left tackle.  2010 is one more year in the sun for Housh.
  19. Dwayne Bowe—I think Bowe is due for a bounceback 2010.  He is in much better shape in camp this season and in Charlie Weis' offense should add up to big things for the No. 1 receiving target in KC.
  20. Johnny Knox—Based on offseason chatter, it appears that Knox will be Cutler's main threat in the Mike Martz offense.  That could potentially mean some big things for Knox in 2010.
  21. Malcom Floyd—Floyd could be the big benefactor from a Vincent Jackson absence in 2010.  I rate him higher than Jackson, because I feel Jackson truly might not play at all in 2010.
  22. Michael Crabtree—Crabtree is the No. 2 target behind Vernon Davis in the San Fran pecking order, but he showed good enough promise in 2009 to eventually turn into an impact WR in the NFL.  He should take another step forward in 2010.
  23. Santana Moss—Moss has done decent throughout his career with very average QBs throwing him the ball.  Now that Donny Mac is in town he could prove to be just what the doctor ordered for a breakout season from Santana Moss.
  24. Mike Sims-Walker—Walker seems to be developing into a decent receiver.  If he can stay away from the injury bug, perhaps he can establish himself as a good receiver in this league.
  25. Hakeem Nicks—Nicks had a really nice rookie season despite some early season injuries that set his progress back some.  Here's hoping Eli can continue to find this talented receiver open more in 2010.
  26. Dez Bryant—The first rookie on my list, I think Dez will make an immediate impact in 2010.  He just has to fight with all the other talented receiving options in Dallas for the football is all.
  27. Bernard Berrian—Suddenly Berrian is looking like a viable receiving threat in Minnesota with Rice gone to injury and Harvin's Headaches continuing.  He should be on everyone's sleeper radar this year.
  28. Donald Driver—Here is another tremendously consistent receiver that often gets overlooked in drafts.  The offseason knee scopes are a concern especially at his age, but I feel comfortable drafting him here.
  29. Braylon Edwards—I give Edwards the nod over Santonio Holmes in NY mainly due to Holmes' four-game suspension.  He should emerge as  a go-to guy for Sanchez in his second season.
  30. Mike Wallace—Not afraid to take him at this stage despite Big Ben's probable four-game absence.  He will be solid the remainder of the season.
  31. Derrick Mason—I have to agree with Speedy that Mason will get open a lot more in 2010 due to double coverage now shifting to Boldin.  I am telling you, the sleeper 2010 QB is Joe Flacco without a doubt.
  32. Anthony Gonzalez—Everyone's 2009 sleeper WR of the year flamed out with a knee injury last year.  He could return and do big things in the Colt offense for 2010.
  33. Robert Meachem—Check out this guy's stats the last nine games of the season last year.  They were phenomenal.  Look for this former No. 1 draft pick to emerge as a bigger threat in NO in 2010.
  34. Vincent Jackson—I hate putting a talent like Jackson this low on the list.  Truth is it doesn't look like he will play in 2010.  This is the point in the draft I would take the gamble though that the Chargers or Jackson cave and he finds his way onto the field.
  35. Percy Harvin—He only ranks this high assuming two things.  1. He overcomes his headache problems.  2. Brett Favre is under center in 2010.  If one or the other of those do not happen, he should be dropped further down the list.
  36. Eddie Royal—Hopefully Josh McDaniels realizes the talent he has in Royal and makes the most of it in 2010.  There is no clear cut go-to receiver in Denver since Brandon Marshall's departure.  I see Royal filling that role.
  37. Mike Williams(TB)—Williams has had a nice offseason and preseason to date.  He figures to play a prominent role in any passing game Tampa can develop in 2010.
  38. Mohamed Massaquoi—Massaquoi figures to be the main receiving threat on a team that should have to play a lot of catch-up football.  If he had a better QB than Jake Delhomme he would rank slightly higher.
  39. Santonio Holmes—If it wasn't for his four-game suspension, Holmes would be ranked where Braylon Edwards is on this list.  He would be an excellent third receiver for a team serving as a bye week fill in for 2010.
  40. Jabar Gaffney—It is also possible that Gaffney grabs the top target spotlight in Denver.  Because he has that potential, I rank him here in 2010.
  41. Lee Evans—Hard to believe an undisputed No. 1 receiver is ranked this low.  The Buffalo O-line and horrible QB play of Trent Edwards puts Evans way down here.  Pick him up in dynasty leagues.  Next year he will have Jake Locker at QB.
  42. Donnie Avery—This undisputed No. 1 receiver is ranked here due to the same reasons as above.  He ranks a little lower for 2010 because Sam Bradford's a rookie QB this year.
  43. Devin Aromashodu—Devin had a nice four-catch 78-yard one-TD performance in the first preseason game.  Too bad it was all with Caleb Hanie at QB.  He seems to be everyone's 2010 sleeper WR.  Here's hoping he at least sees the playing field.
  44. Terrell Owens—We could all be surprised and Owens could turn out to be the sleeper WR of 2010.  I just don't trust Carson Palmer's right arm to hold up all season though, so my hopes here are tempered.
  45. Nate Washington—Here is another potential No. 1 receiver.  The Titans just don't throw often enough for him to make a major fantasy impact.
  46. Pierre Garcon—Garcon's current injuries are opening the door for Gonzalez and Collie to get more playing time than him in 2010.  He has to hope he gets himself back on the field in time to make a difference.
  47. Devin Hester—Supposedly one of the starting receivers for now in Chicago.  I foresee Aromashodu beating him out for that spot before long though.
  48. Jacoby Jones—Jones should establish himself as the No. 2 receiving target in the pass-happy Houston offense.  If he definitely does that, he should be ranked higher on the list.  He does have to contend with Kevin Walter for playing time which is what makes me rank him here.
  49. Jeremy Maclin—Some places have Maclin ranked a lot higher.  I just don't see it happening with him being the third and sometimes fourth option for Kevin Kolb.  Kolb will experience some first-year growing pains.  That will hurt the receiver on the bottom end of the food chain first.
  50. Devin Thomas—Impressed in his first preseason action. He could be a big benefactor as well with Donovan McNabb coming to town.
  51. Austin Collie—This guy was a big red zone threat for Peyton Manning in his rookie season.  I see no reason why that wouldn't continue in 2010.
  52. Chris Chambers—A veteran receiver that really came on in the second half of 2009.  I still think KC will establish the passing game through Dwayne Bowe in 2010.
  53. Kevin Walter—I put him on the list simply because he could win Houston's No. 2 receiving  job.  I don't think he will and Jacoby Jones will become a more household receiver name in 2010.
  54. Steve Breaston—Everyone thinks Breaston will establish himself in 2010.  I am a big doubter as long as Leinart is under center in Arizona.
  55. Nate Burleson—Burleson has had a very up and down career.  Last year was an up season.  This year figures to be a downer after signing the decent contract he got with the Lions.
  56. Brandon LaFell—LaFell has had a nice offseason and camp.  He could become a No. 1 receiver someday to replace the aging Steve Smith.  For now though he will slide in as the No. 2 man in Carolina.
  57. Josh Morgan—He was one of my sleeper WR candidates in 2010.  Problem was Crabtree did eventually sign and play and San Fran really focused heavily on running the ball in 2009.  Look for both to continue in 2010.
  58. Darrius Heyward-Bey—Darrius could potentially establish himself as the No. 1 receiver in Oakland should Schilens continue to have problems with his foot.  Adding Jason Campbell at QB doesn't hurt either.  Campbell is a marked improvement over JaMarcus Russell.
  59. Brian Hartline—Hartline could settle in as a decent No. 2 guy for the emerging Chad Henne.
  60. Mike Thomas—The No. 2 in Jacksonville rounds out my rankings.  Here is hoping though you don't have to rely on him consistently for your fantasy team in 2010.