WWE Entering a New Era??

Omar MohamedContributor IAugust 31, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge puts a knee to the head of Batista during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

One year has really changed a lot about the WWE. I mean who knew about Sheamus one year ago? He was a new superstar on ECW, the C-Show of the WWE. Now he is a two-time WWE Champion and a major key player on RAW and has a big fanbase. Take Nexus as an example. One year ago, nobody knew any damn thing about anyone of the Nexus. NXT wasn't even created. Today, The Nexus is the hottest topic in professional wrestling. And we all know a lot about each member of The Nexus. Randy Orton was the top heel and the most hated wrestler among the WWE Universe. Noh he's the biggest face on RAW. He reached Cena's popularity. We haven't seen Triple H in a while, have we? The Miz is being pushed to the moon right now and he deserves it for being a hard-worker. Daniel Bryan is s star on RAW right now after many people thought he would suffer the fate of Colt Cabana and other indy wrestlers. Shawn Michaels has retired. We don't see The Undertaker too often. Dolph Ziggler has finally won the Intercontinental Championship. The tag team division looks to be slightly improving. Finally, we will have only one Women's Championship which means a better future for the Divas. Jack Swagger won the World Heavyweight Championship, regardless of how his reign turned out to be. Batista has quit the WWE. Cody Rhodes is having a very nice decent run and gimmick on Smackdown despite people predicting the better future for Ted DiBiase Jr. Kane finally won the big one and is having a decent reign as the World Champion. Alberto Del Rio is making a well-planned debut run and looks to be making an impact quickly. NXT is bringing in more stars for the company. This is about the present.


Now the future. It's pretty clear that Kane, Undertaker, Triple H and Big Show will retire sooner than later. Also Rey Mysterio, Edge and Chris Jericho may be gone at any time due to injuries or other projects. There has been rumors of WWE unifiying the World Title with the WWE Championship and the Intercontinental with the US Championship. Also expected is a new logo for the company along with the brand extension going away. Does that mean a new era for the WWE? Will todays mid-carders become tomorrow's main-eventers? Will the WWE regain its strength like that it had during the Attitude Era? Who will be the new face of the company? A lot of questions but definately WWE is going into an interesting direction right now!