The Loss of Ethics, Morals, and History in the Sports World

Taylor GramAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

If you look at the athletes in sports now and 30 years ago you might notice a little change in attitude, respect, and image.

Players used to come to games in suits because it was the right thing to do, because it was respectful and dignified, because they were responsible for keeping a good image of sports and athletes.

Nowadays, athletes wear suits to games because they are forced to by the league. At first the players had their individuality but they took it too far. Players started arriving in gold chains, baggy pants that show their underwear, and clothes that show gang signs.

Sportsmanship used to be apart of the game too. Now there are players going around spitting on other players and kicking them while their down. Albert Hanesworth stepped on Andre Gurode's head after Gurode had lost his helmet. That just makes me sick.

It used to be that players didn't drink because they had a reputation that they needed to keep, clean, law abiding morally good people. Run ins with the law didn't happen. Drugs weren't an option.

Now you see players on SportsCenter getting arrested for robbery, shootings and drug abuse.They have the world in the palm of their hand and they do something stupid like smoking pot or getting in a bar fight. Do they realize what they have?  Do they realize that anybody would give anything to be in their position, playing sports for a living, and getting paid millions to do it.

Yes, maybe it makes a good comeback story if a player beats the addiction to drugs, comes back to sports and is a big hero. But that shouldn't be an option. Players should get glory and respect for staying clean.

Take the Josh Hamilton story for example. He was the first pick out of college. Had everything. Then got addicted. He claims he found refuge in God, he's turned his life around, and wants to be a story of never giving up.

Yes, what he did was a great story. However, wouldn't it be better if he could be looked at as a hero by all the baseball loving kids in America because he had the discipline to reject the pressures of drugs and alcohol.

I don't even want to get into steroids. But now that you mention it, what's the point in winning if you didn't do it by yourself. Just you and your physical abilities. I see people who are on Roids as Cowards. They can't win so they get artificial help, then lie about it.

Long ago, the NFL was a place you went when you didn't have any buisness skills, but were fast and strong. It was looked down apon by others and was ridiculed by others. But the perserverence of players, fans, and owners had made the NFL one of the biggest sports league in the world.

But is it too big? Has all the glory and heart left the game and been replaced by money? Playes hold out from teams because "$5 mill. just isn't enough". These players are set for life after one year of playing football. And don't get me wrong, I love the NFL and sports but the money situation has gotten out of hand.

The problem is, is there's nothing that can be done about it. Fans buy merchandise, and tickets. This makes millions for the team owners. But it's the players who got them that money, so they deserve a share. The more popular and better player you are the more responsible you are for the money coming in, so you get a bigger chunk of change.

It;'s a cycle that can't and won't be stopped. But you would think that the players would show their thanks to the people giving them this money, but NO! their too busy for the average fan to even sign an autograph, or shake a hand. Are they in such a rush or too busy to give appreciation to the people who provide him a job, well their attitude would make you think so.


Now here's something else that gets me every time. Stadium Rebuilding. This is happening a lot now. The Yankees, the Cowboys. These are places with more history than 9th grade textbook.

The Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner has decided that Babe Ruth didn't build Yankee Stadium just right so he's going to just tear it down when the new "Yankee Stadium" debuts. I am am avid Yankee hater but respect all the history they have in their fanchise and that stadium. The number of Hall-o-Famers that have stepped up to that plate is countless.

I don't even want to take the time to name all the players that have stepped out on that field. And what about all the non baseball stuff that took place their, like boxing, College football, and the greatest game ever played took place in that stadium.

This shows that sports really has turned into almost nothing but a business, and Steinbrenner saw an opportunity to build a new $1.3 billion stadium across the Street and said "what the heck". Later he realized that fans are goig to need parking space, so "lets tear down that ol heap of concrete over there"

Then theres my beloved Cowboys. The same situation is happening at Texas Stadium. Jerry Jones decides he's going to build the biggest stadium in the NFL, and turn Texas Stadium into an Outlet Mall. Does he realized that the cowboys have won a record 5 Super Bowls while they occupied that stadium? Does he realize that the most beloved record in Football, the All-Time Rushing Record was broken there by Emmitt Smith? I don't think he does, because if he did he wouldn't tear it down.

Sports has taken a turn for the worse and needs to be turned around and face the light. Kids need players to look up to, and how are they going to do that when Athletes are like they are today.