Tigers 8 White Soxs 10. 10 things less painful then watching this game!

BigRegAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

Last night I stayed up until the early morning waiting to see the Tigers turn things around and pull out a extra innings win against the division leading WhiteSox.  It turns out that watching the game was over four hours of pain.  Here are 10 things that would have been slightly less painful then that.

10.  Chinese water tourture. 

9.  The aging machine from "The Princess Bride."  

8.  Being in the middle of Prince Fielder and CC Sabathia with a Hostess Cupcake.

7.  Listening to Barney on repeat.

6.  Getting a fly stuck against my eardrum.  

5.  Being stuck in an elevator with Fran Drescher and Elmo.

4.  Sitting on a fire ant hill.

3.   Wearing Zubaz

2.  Being in charge of paying out Shawn Kemp's child support.

1.  Being a Lions fan.