Pro Wrestling and Steroid Use: Its Here To Stay, Learn to Deal With It Folks!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2010

I just got back from spending a few hours with a few of my friends. I can honestly say that the farthest thing from my mind was writing an article. That was until I read something that really sparked my interest.


I was enjoying myself catching some rays by the pool and I was a little bored. So I went to the house and grabbed an old issue of Sports Illustrated from last year. While reading it I ran across an article that kind of took me by surprise.


It was an article about steroids in MLB. I wasn’t surprised about the article on steroids. That has been covered so much it is sickening. What surprised me was the writer’s stance that he took on the issue.


To be honest I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it went along the lines of him not caring if the ballplayers did steroids. I knew there are people that feel that way, but it was the first time I saw it in writing. I have to be honest—it was very refreshing from the PC mumbo-jumbo I always read. I also agree with what the man had to say on the issue. I really don’t care if athletes use steroids.


I am writing this is because over the last couple of months I have seen a few articles condemning steroids and drug use in pro wrestling. I thought it was time for me to man up and be honest with the way I felt on the issue. Does it really matter if a wrestler does steroids?

 I don’t think it does. Why should I care if some muscle bound jack arse wants to stick a needle in his butt? As long as I am entertained, I could care less.


Let’s be honest; entertainment is what the primary purpose of wrestling or any sport is about. I will also say for the record that as long as you cycle yourself while doing steroids, it’s not that big of an issue. I don’t know this from experience, but I have a good friend who is a power lifter and he has been doing them for 10 years.


He has never “roid rage” once, and that is because he is smart enough to cycle himself off when he is supposed to. Now he may encounter health problems in the future. That is something he has been lectured to about by me.


He is a grown man though, old enough to make his own choices. If he chooses to use them who am I to tell him what to do. I will say this though, if he dies an early death that is his bad. I know that sounds cold hearted but it is the truth. It is a fact he has accepted because I told him that’s how I felt.


This is the attitude I also have about pro wrestlers using them. If they choose to pollute their bodies with the stuff go right ahead. As long as they stay sharp in the ring and pack the seats with Fannies who cares?


If they die from steroid or drug use at the age of 35, I also won’t care. They knew what they were doing when they put the crap in their bodies. I will always respect a wrestler for his in ring work and the contributions made to wrestling.


What they decide to put in their bodies is no concern of mine. We also need to accept the facts that steroids will always be a big part of wrestling. It may not be as big in the WWE since Benoit’s death and Linda’s run for senate, but we know that this is only because the WWE is trying to save face when it comes to the issue.


I assure you that steroid use is alive and well all across the Indy scene and in TNA. The same friend I have also sells them; and over half his clients are Indy wrestlers! Please spare me the comments on my friend.


He is a grown man and he is also aware of the risks of selling them.


The point I want to make is that we shouldn’t be hung up on this stuff. It will never go away no matter how hard we wish and hope. I can probably be 100 percent sure in saying that none of us are perfect.


Whether some choose to do drugs, drink, or cheat on their lovers, everyone out there has their own vices to deal with. It is not our place to tell anyone what they should do with their lives. It is not only pointless to interfere, but it is also rude to do so.


I know I may receive a fair share of flak for this article. If you disagree that is not only ok, but it’s also your right. I have never cowered from an argument, and I won’t start today. This is how I feel on the issue of steroids use in wrestling


Also, please note I am not condoning steroid use. I am simply telling you I just don’t care.

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